Where To Start Decorating A RoomWhere To Start Decorating A Room

Whether you love to decorate, or you have no idea and are looking for information to know where to start decorating a room, this post interests you. As glassware in Granada and Malaga, we tell you what order to follow when decorating a room simply and effectively.

The First Step: Choose Your Style

An empty room is like a blank canvas, you have so many options at your fingertips that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or overwhelmed and not know where to start decorating.

We suggest that the first step is to choose a decorative style. In this way, it is easier to follow the same line and achieve a more harmonious result.

Some of the styles that you will love to sign are the Nordic style, the industrial, the modern rustic, the boho-chic style, the wabi-sabi, and the Mediterranean style.

However, if you have a very marked personal style, do not hesitate to follow your instinct when decorating your home.

Know The Strong Point Of Each Stay

Do you have a room with a big window? Take advantage of it! To start decorating a room you must know how the sun falls on it and the hours of natural light. This can help you choose the layout of the room.

If you need to add light or privacy, this can be a great time to change the windows in the room you are going to decorate. At Devitro Europa we help you make your home a safer, more comfortable, and more beautiful space.

Get Rid Of Everything That We Are Not Going To Use

Like a move, the moment you start decorating a room can serve as an excuse to throw away all those things that you don’t need, that you no longer like, or that you no longer use.

Also, if you need some money to change the decoration of your house or renovate a room, selling what you no longer want can be a good way to get it. Another option is to donate it, or if it is in poor condition, throw it at the nearest collection point.

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The Choice Of Color Is Another Important Point When Starting To Decorate A Room

The color of the walls is a starting point to know where to start decorating a room.

Neutral and light colors, such as earth tones, are always a good choice, as they provide light and spaciousness. But you can also choose to highlight a room or wall with a more striking tone, or with decorative paper. This can help you get depth.

Keep in mind that highly saturated colors can make it difficult to rest.

If you choose light colors or white for the walls and ceiling, you can add color through textiles and decorative objects.

Other Aspects To Take Into Account

1. Lighting is essential to achieve comfortable spaces that make us feel good. Windows on the walls and skylights on the ceiling are the best way to save energy and get well-lit rooms during the day. Combine these elements with mirrors and lamps in different spaces within the same room.

2. The curtains and blinds will give prominence to these important elements in the decoration and will also allow you to regulate the light and gain privacy.

3. Combine different colors and styles. Have fun decorating, the important thing is that all the elements make you feel good, remember that there are no rules in decoration. You choose, to decorate your house uniquely and originally.


To make the right decisions and achieve the best result, when you start decorating, the ideal is to be clear about what you need, what the room will be used for, and how you are going to achieve what you would like.

Before starting to decorate a room, think carefully about what you need, what you want, and how you are going to get it.

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