In this sense, the type of care depends on factors such as the seed being used or its presentation. Within the current market, you can find bulk seeds or packaged seeds. The process of observing the growth, flowering, and subsequent death of a plant is truly fascinating. In the case of cannabis cultivation, it is interesting to work with different types of plants, because each one has unique characteristics and particular cultivation needs. 

The most requested alternative by beginners in this sense is bulk seeds because they are sold loose and without guarantees. Many question their quality, however, if worked correctly they can bring surprising results. If you want to know everything about this topic, including where to buy seeds in bulk, read on.

What Are Bulk Seeds?

This is a type of seed that is sold loose, so its price is lower than packaged seeds. It should be noted that, among their singularities, it must be mentioned that they do not include packaging or guarantees because they did not go through a stabilization process.

Consequently, not all of them may be of the best quality. However, it is possible to obtain them for very affordable prices. As a consequence, it is essential to carefully review the catalog of options of the grow shop where you are going to buy them.

Buy Seeds In Bulk 

Many online stores offer bulk seeds, but not all of them are of the best quality. There are even many websites that do not check whether the seeds have been grown with chemicals or not.

To avoid finding yourself with a poor quality product, it is best to make sure that the grow shop where you are going to purchase them is trustworthy. In the case of Spain, one of the most reliable stores is Growmania.

They are specialists in everything related to cannabis cultivation, so they offer their clients all the necessary implements for the process to develop properly. Additionally, they offer an advisory service to help beginners or to help their users make better decisions.

You just have to go to their website, and you can browse the wide number of product alternatives ranging from cabinets, fertilizers, substrates, etc. Added to that, they have a section dedicated to bulk seeds at very low prices.

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Types Of Bulk Seeds

There are two main types of bulk seeds you can buy. On the one hand, there are auto-flowering seeds, and on the other hand, there are feminized seeds. Below we share a list with some of the main options that you will get:

  1. Auto AK Feminized.
  2. Auto amnesia lemon feminized.
  3. Auto Big Bud feminized.
  4. Auto Blueberry feminized.
  5. Auto Matanuska feminized.


You can read the characteristics of each type of seed at the bottom of each product. This way, it will be easier to select which one you are going to buy. Apart from that, there is also a brief guide so you know how to grow it correctly and achieve the best results.

Varieties Of Marijuana Seeds 

There are different types of marijuana seeds. Each one has certain peculiarities and different origins. Next, let’s review some types of seeds that exist:

Cannabis Sativa

The main characteristic that this type of seed has is that at the time of its growth, it has a spiked shape and great height. It has a high concentration of THC, which is the most psychoactive compound in marijuana, in addition to having very long and large leaves, a resistant root system, and an effect that keeps you active and awake.

Cannabis Indica

This type of marijuana, unlike the previous type of seed, does not have much stretch, although it is very resistant against possible pests that may threaten your plantation. Likewise, this variety has high levels of CBD, which is a component that has relaxing properties. However, in most cases, it is combined with high levels of THC to complement it.

The aforementioned makes it possible to have a very strong effect, and this is why these types of plants are very popular to relieve all types of pain, ailments, or symptoms of diseases that are very serious. 

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