What Is The Perfect Size Of A Gaming MonitorWhat Is The Perfect Size Of A Gaming Monitor

If you are in doubt about what size gaming monitor to buy, here we are going to clarify some doubts about what your preference should be based on distance, resolution, and the possibilities that each size can offer us.

There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money to buy the gaming PC of your dreams and not accompanying it with good peripherals. 

In this sense, a gaming monitor is going to be the holy grail since it is going to be in charge of transporting all the information that the PC gives us to the visual format thanks to its screen.

Whether in normal format, ultrawide, curved, or with two or more screens, it is important to know what size we can make the most of so as not to spend money on things that we are not going to even notice. 

Here we will not talk about Hertz or brightness, we will focus exclusively on its size.

Not everyone has the same visual acuity or the same personal tastes, so we would like to make it clear, right from the start, that this is going to be based on a personal opinion obtained from testing monitors with a multitude of formats and sizes.

This is everything you need to know to find the perfect size for your gaming monitor:

. The eyes are very important.

. Resolution and distance, the keys.

. Curved and ultrawide monitors, do they influence the size?

. The gaming standard.


The Eyes, The Gateway To A Gaming Monitor

Something as basic as not all of us see the same is popular knowledge. It is something that also happens with our ears, although in this case, it is somewhat easier to understand since sound frequencies are much easier to measure.

However, visual acuity is more complicated to put a numerical value on. If at a certain moment, our eye stops seeing pixels, adding more is not going to offer us any advantage, so spending money on that larger monitor is not going to bring us anything.

On the other hand, if we have sufficient vision capacity and we offer an insufficient number of pixels to our eyes, we are going to be losing information along the way, which can translate into a worse experience

It is for all this that the size of our gaming monitor is marked by two clear factors: distance and resolution.

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Resolution And Distance, The Key To Size

Once it has become clear to us why resolution and distance are so important in terms of the size of a gaming monitor, it remains for us to offer you some basic guidelines on what gaming is today in this field.

If at some point you have wanted to buy a TV for your living room, it is more than possible that you have already seen tables in which a size is recommended for a certain distance. 

Here it is more or less the same, although it must be said that there are different types of monitors, such as curved and ultra-panoramic.

In this way, we can get an idea of ​​what size monitor we may need depending on the resolution and distance. 

The distance is going to get shorter at higher resolution, so if we have 75 cm. between us and the screen we can use a 24” monitor at FHD or a 32” monitor at 4K without problems.

Curved And Ultrawide (Ultra Panoramic): Do They Affect The Size?

Today, curved monitors and ultra-widescreen monitors are gaining ground not only in daily life but also in gaming. The curved ones are usually an almost safe bet in this area, mainly because of the extra immersion they offer, although the ultra panoramic ones are also beginning to gain followers.

In that sense, it cannot be said that it is something that influences too much the distance at which we should set our eyes. It is true that the curves have a sweet spot or ideal viewing point, and must be centered to make the most of it, but it is still not decisive in terms of distance and size.

On the other hand, ultra panoramic are used in gaming, yes, but to a much lesser extent since there are genres that are not even compatible like FPS. Aviation simulators such as Flight Simulator r or driving simulators are good examples of where this type of monitor is used.

The Gaming Standard Today

Although the colors are to everyone’s taste, something that is very popular in gaming today, it is true that we can see a marked trend in consumer purchases. 

In this sense, the rule of the bigger the better is not maintained, and there is nothing worse than turning your head to see the entire screen while we play.

This is why gamers tend to increase the resolution instead of increasing the size of the screen, having more field of vision without the need to end up having uncomfortable sessions and generating neck pain.

A few years ago it could be said that 24-inch monitors were the favorites, with FHD and 2K dominating the market, but today this has been carried over to 27-inch monitors with 2K and 4K taking the main focus

While it’s true that gamers are tending more and more towards 32 inches, it’s still too big today, unless we have a wireless keyboard and mouse and plenty of space between us and the screens. 

If we transfer this to consoles like PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S, this changes, but mostly because the distance tends to increase a lot.

Conclusions About The Size

As you have seen, many factors will influence finding the ideal size for your gaming monitor. The price is an important factor, as expected, but so is the distance at which it will be, the chosen resolution, and also our vision.

This is one of the few IT sites where the ” The more the merrier ” is not going to be followed, since a screen that is too large can lead to a negative experience, an unjustified increase in cost, and even neck problems. derivatives.

Regardless of whether it is a curved, ultra-wide, or the most normal monitor, finding the perfect size for our gaming monitor is something really important. With all this information in your hands, surely you will not fail.

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