What is Digital Marketing And How To Plan A Successful CampaignWhat is Digital Marketing And How To Plan A Successful Campaign

Digital Marketing And How To Plan?

Digital marketing is the strategy that allows your company to compete in the increasingly diverse and popular digital market. 

For this reason, we will know what digital marketing is, its differences from traditional marketing, and the main guidelines when planning a digital campaign.

In addition, we will know the main most effective channels to apply a digital campaign strategy.

What Is Digital Marketing?

With the rise of the marketing of products and services through internet platforms, many believe that digital marketing is limited to that.

However, it refers to all the techniques that include channels and electronic devices to execute marketing strategies. 

This concept refers to any electronic channel, Internet-based or not.

That is, digital marketing is understood as marketing strategies in digital media such as personal computers, telephones, tablets, smart TVs, and consoles; but also to television, radio, SMS messages, etc.

New trends, however, have enhanced the capabilities of what is understood by online marketing. 

Social networks and applications have emerged as the maximum marketing channels, and where the Internet is the fundamental piece.

Internet-based digital marketing, or online marketing, includes content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, and social media marketing, among others. , etc.

But it is a subcategory of digital marketing that includes a larger range, as we explained above.

In a few words, any marketing strategy for a product or service where an electronic medium is used as a dissemination channel can be considered within the sphere of digital marketing, and the creation of a digital campaign, even though they are currently the media. social in which more attention is paid.

Difference Between Digital Marketing And Traditional Marketing

To clarify the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing, it is important to understand that a campaign can think of television as a broadcast channel, but not the design of a traditional advertisement to run during a television program.

That is to say, if my marketing team seeks to carry out a traditional marketing strategy, it will make an advertisement designed to go through television channels, however, if it is a digital campaign, the television will be used, for example, to connect to a network and pass a banner ad.

This example explains how digital marketing thinks, which is much closer to new forms of communication and online advertising.

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What Is A Digital Campaign?

A Digital campaign can contemplate any digital channel for dissemination, however, the generation of content is designed in new information technologies and generally seeks the user to carry out a certain action, where the Internet has influence. 

These are some examples of the techniques of a digital campaign, some do not necessarily require the Internet to work:

  1. Web Analytics.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  3. Search engine advertising (SEM).
  4. Email advertising.
  5. Social networks.
  6. Advertising on social networks.
  7. Content marketing.
  8. Screen advertising.
  9. Community administration.

These techniques usually have different objectives such as:

  1. Generate a certain action, such as entering a form to leave the data or encourage downloads of an application.
  2. Position the brand.
  3. Gain visibility.
  4. influence the purchase decision.
  5. Generate sales.
  6. Obtain new prospects (leads).

All digital campaigns are designed to quickly take advantage of the new forms of communication and information, optimizing the budget according to the objective, defining aspects of the buyer persona, and the possibility of obtaining data on the results.

Digital marketing software will help in the entire strategy.

But, to successfully implement and get real-time numbers on the results in return, you need to have the right tools, like CMS and marketing automation software.

A web content manager or CMS (from English Content Management System), is a software that allows you to create and manage content to adapt it to search engines and their search engines.

Formats To Apply A Digital Campaign

There are some formats that, in particular, have shown successful results within digital market, such as infographics, newsletters, webinars, and Email mailing. In general, a digital campaign can take the following formats.

Images And Videos 

Any digital campaign must be composed of different languages ​​to be attractive, and images and videos are always an effective way to attract an audience.

Podcast And Audio

Podcasts are audio digital marketing content that can be listened to on different platforms, web pages, or downloaded. 

It usually has the format of a radio program and can address topics divided into chapters.


The infographic is a digital poster created with text and images, and that seeks to explain a theme in a didactic, visual way that attracts the attention of your customers.

Email Mailing

Email mailing continues to be a very effective channel to distribute digital content in a personalized way and within a broader strategy. 

It consists of making periodic shipments with content for users who have provided their email addresses.

Games And Interactive Content

Achieving the objectives of the brand through a game is an increasingly used strategy. It allows the audience to enjoy while consuming the company’s content.

Newsletter Or Informative Bulletin

The newsletter can also be sent through an email campaign. 

It is a content article distributed by email, which is sent to a specific group of users, every certain period, and which presents information about the industry, advances, and new products of the company.


The E-book is an electronic book, a book in digital format, which is given to the user either freely and for free, in exchange for payment, or on the condition that they leave their data.

Webinars Or Webinars

The Webinar is a digital marketing strategy where a conference, workshop, course, or seminar is offered through a videoconference, which can be life or distributed in files. 

In exchange, it seeks to generate a relationship with the attendees and convert them into future sales opportunities or prospects (leads).


Digital marketing includes a great diversity of formats and techniques that are renewed every day. For this reason, speed, and information management are two fundamental pillars for carrying out successful digital campaigns.

Having digital tools, such as marketing automation software, that help in this process, and allow you to act quickly, with information, and with ease, is essential to compete in today’s digital ecosystem.

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