What Are The Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables In AutumnWhat Are The Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables In Autumn


Autumn begins and life reminds us where we come from: we are part of a cyclical nature, wild but coherent, that every twelve months sprouts again with certain colors, smells, and flavors. 

Today we want to talk to you about the foods that the earth offers us in this season of the year, but before naming them it is important to understand why it is important to synchronize with our natural environment.

The Western lifestyle forces us to live practically glued to our agenda: we frequently consult the moment we are living in to know what we have to do next, but ironically, we live very far from the present, from the reality perceptible through our window and our emotions. 

It is difficult and often unrealistic to assume that we can radically change our lifestyle from one day to the next, but it is within everyone’s reach to adopt small habits that help us lead a more meaningful life in harmony with our surroundings. One of them is paying attention to what we eat.

How Does Eating Seasonal Foods Help Us Lead A More Conscious Life?

Synchronizing the basis of our diet with the cycles of nature enriches us significantly in various aspects:

  1. Our dishes are filled with much more noticeable flavors and textures than when we opt for artificially grown foods
  2. The process used to grow what naturally already prospers at this time of year is much more respectful of the environment, exponentially reducing the use of pesticides and natural resources necessary for its growth.
  3. It also benefits small farmers and the local economy, as the money we invest in buying these seasonal and local foods is reinvested in growing food for the next season and creates more jobs within the community.

With all this in mind, it’s hard to deny the fact that we all have some power when we choose what to put on our plates. If you also want to be responsible and conscious with what you eat, and, at the same time, you want to enjoy much tastier dishes this fall, we recommend that you include the following foods in your shopping list this fall.

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Autumn Vegetables And Vegetables

On the one hand, these are some of the autumn vegetables in Spain:

  1. Pumpkin: it is probably the food most culturally associated with autumn, but its versatility when cooking is also remarkable — you can use it in creams, desserts, or salads, among others. And attention! Don’t throw away the seeds: toast them and add them to your dishes to give them a crunchy touch and enrich them with omega 3, zinc, and magnesium.
  2. Chard: If you live in a rural area you will know how abundant it is and how quickly this plant thrives. It is rich in potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium, but above all in Vitamin C, which makes it the perfect ally for people who suffer from anemia or bone pain.
  3. Carrot: Who has not been told as a child to eat them, that they are very good for the eyesight? This is because they are rich in beta-carotene, a pigment that is converted to vitamin A when it enters our bodies and is essential for eye health. They are also rich in potassium and phosphorus, so they help us keep our energy levels high and our minds clear.
  4. Beetroot: This vegetable not only brings vibrant colors to our dishes but is also an excellent source of iron, folic acid or vitamin B9, antioxidants, and fiber, among others. You can eat it raw, steamed, roasted… It’s delicious in every way!

Autumn Fruits

  1. Pomegranate: fruit with vibrant pigments, it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins (A, B, and C), as well as containing potassium, manganese, and calcium. It is perfect to add as a “topping” to yogurts, desserts of all kinds, or salads.
  2. Persimmon: an indispensable source of fiber in our autumn purchases. It is rich in calcium, and vitamins C and A. But beware! It is very important to respect the ripening time of this fruit since when it is green its texture is very rough and it is quite unpleasant on the palate.
  3. Apple: we have become accustomed to eating them all year round, but it is in autumn that they thrive naturally and are tastier. The properties of this fruit are countless: it is a powerful antioxidant, facilitates the digestion process, increases energy levels, and strengthens the immune system…
  4. Orange: the cold is coming and the body knows it. Incorporating them into our diet helps prevent the drop in defenses typical of temperature changes, as well as improve our cardiovascular health and control sugar levels and hypertension. And, yes, this also applies to other citrus fruits: lemons, tangerines, clementine’s. They are a perfect natural antidote!

In our Ecocentro stores —both physical and virtual— you can find these seasonal fruits and vegetables (and many more!) from organic and local cultivation. 

In addition, we offer you the option of buying a basket with our best selection of food in each season of the year to make shopping easier for you. 

We’ll take it home in 24-48 hours if you’re in the Community of Madrid or up to 72 hours for the rest of the Peninsula!

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