Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, there have been many changes that have been carried out on the platform and in the bird’s own company (although we should no longer call it that). And the social network Twitter is now X, that is, there has been a name change. 

Not only that, a rebranding has also been carried out and new functionalities have been incorporated. Do you want to know everything about these changes? Here we tell you so that you are up to date with the world of social networks and stay updated.

What Is X (Formerly Twitter)

X is the name that the social network Twitter now has. On July 23, 2023, Elon Musk published a video on the platform indicating that the Twitter logo would no longer be a little blue bird, becoming an X. However, Musk had already left traces in the past that this could happen.

In March 2022, before he bought the company, Musk already made public his idea of ​​creating his social network.

Later, in April of the same year, Twitter Inc. was renamed X Corp.

And months later, in August 2022, he brought the idea to light again by responding to the following tweet.

But that’s not all, many years before, in 2007, he bought the domain, but didn’t do much else with it. Until today, all those ideas have come true.

At first glance, it may seem that everything remains the same on the social network, although we will see that this is not entirely true, since X has already incorporated new functionalities. The CEO of the platform herself, Linda Yaccarino, has already stated that “it will go even further.”

Most likely, this is Musk’s first step towards making the old Twitter a more important platform for users’ lives. In fact, in 2022, the businessman has already shown his desire for the social network to be more like WeChat.

New Rebranding Of The Social Network: Name And Logo Change

Before we talk about X in particular, let’s talk about the concept of rebranding. Rebranding is a marketing strategy that consists of completely or partially changing those visual and aesthetic elements or characteristics (sometimes even messages) that identify a brand. 

It is done to improve a specific aspect of the brand, be it the reach, positioning, brand awareness… The ultimate goal of rebranding is for the target audience (and investors) to change their perception of the brand. the brand and connect more with it.

Returning to the topic of Twitter, its change to X has been the target of harsh criticism, but only with time will we know if it was the right step or not.

What is certain is that to make constructive criticism, you must first know the background and reasons for that change. In that sense, Musk has already commented in the past on the great personal meaning that the lyrics have for him, as it is included in many of his projects (Space Children XÆ A-12 (which they call X for short).

In short, Musk has given great value to the letter

If we look at it from a more critical perspective, Twitter was indeed a social network with a high degree of recognition that even has an associated “verb”, tweet. 

Therefore, many experts believe that this radical change will cause much of that brand identity to be lost, something that is very difficult to recover. Furthermore, it seems that it is more aimed at satisfying personal interests than at promoting the brand since that is commonly why rebranding is done.

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New X Features

As we have already hinted, the change has not only been in name and logo, it is much deeper. In the words of Yaccarino: “There is no limit to this transformation. “X will be a platform that will offer (…) everything.” Although the CEO creates a global marketplace to share ideas, goods, services, and opportunities. 

It will be powered by AI ( artificial intelligence) and will connect us in ways we have only begun to imagine. For years, Twitter has been pushed to dream bigger, innovate faster, and reach greater potential. X will do that and more. We’ve already started to see this over the last 8 months where we’ve quickly released a ton of features, but we’re just getting started.”

Below, we will delve into each of the features that Yaccarino mentioned in passing in more detail.

Integrated financial system

There are many occasions in which Elon Musk has mentioned the idea of ​​how important it is to integrate a financial system into the app. With this, he aims to reduce the possibilities of fraud as much as possible, increase the platform’s real-time updating capabilities, and integrate the social network with other platforms more fluidly. In this way, brands would have more opportunities to manage their presence on the social network and carry out their transactions.

Global Monetization

It is also intended that in more than 100 countries there will be the functionality for brands to have the possibility of monetizing their feed by sharing their ads, something that is now limited to some locations.

Improved user experience

Another of X’s main objectives is to offer a more satisfactory experience to its users. To do this, there will be a bookmark search functionality and it will be possible to save something directly from the timeline. In addition, we also want users to receive weekly emails with their saved bookmarks to facilitate their organization and access to content that is interesting to them.

Monetization for creators

As on other platforms, X wants to offer its creators a way to monetize their content. We want verified accounts to be able to receive remuneration for visits to their profile, without having to meet any other requirements. This can be very interesting since it is a demand that creators have been asking for for a long time and something that can increase the number of users of the social network (Twitter).

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Change of concept: from followers to viewers

Elon Musk has dropped the idea of ​​changing the expression “followers” ​​to “viewers”, something that could mean a big change in the dynamics of interactions.

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