Tips And Tools For A Digital Marketing CampaignTips And Tools For A Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing Campaign

That is why it is important to know how to create a digital marketing campaign that allows you to advertise on social networks and spread your message effectively; without this becoming a nightmare.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to create a presence on the Internet or even if you already have a company with an Internet presence and want to optimize it, this article is for you. 

In it, we will develop the main tips to take into account and the tools that can improve the management of your Digital Marketing campaign.

1- Create Interesting And Attractive Content

Content is really significant to attract potential customers. You must offer something of value that brings a real benefit to your users or clients. 

It must also be accompanied by an effective campaign that complements the process.

Be careful! Offering empty content can cause a lack of loyalty in the reader.

There are many tools you can use to find interesting information, ideas, or topics to write about, even to keep up with current news and trends. 

They also offer you guidance on the keywords you can use and many tips to improve and optimize your content.

Google Keyword Planner: search for keyword ideas for your content from the words that you define as important for your industry, giving you information about the search volume of each of them.   

This allows you to identify the keywords that have the best volume and generate content around them, ensuring that the main topic of the article is related to Google searches.

Buzzsumo: It is a very useful tool to identify trends and analyze what content has the best performance in your industry.

You only have to indicate the topic on which you want to receive information and you will quickly get ideas about the most shared content related to it. 

It has a free version, and for more advanced analytics, it offers a paid version.

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2- Monitor Your Competitors

A very essential aspect that we must consider is keeping an eye on our competitors; since this allows us to evaluate where they are headed and compare strategies

In this way, we can correct and improve what we consider necessary in our management.

In the market, there are several tools that we can consider, some free and others with paid plans. Let’s see some of them: It is an application with a very intuitive and simple free version that shows really valuable information about the number of visits, sources of traffic, most important keywords, competitors, positioning, and other information about our competitors or any site that may be of interest to you.

SEMrush: it is a paid application, although it has a somewhat limited free version that provides very useful information about our competition. 

You just have to enter the URL of the site you want to investigate or the keyword of your interest.

It provides information about the origin of the site’s traffic, the most important organic keywords, direct and indirect competitors, backlinks, and anchor texts.

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3- Manage Your Social Networks Effectively

Considering that most of the time that people spend on the Internet is on social networks, proper and successful management of them is a key point for the development of a successful digital marketing campaign.

That is why it is very useful to use practical tools that allow you to manage accounts and profiles efficiently and avoid laborious manual work to manage multiple accounts, which can be very exhausting.

Postcron:  It is a very interesting and attractive option to have good management of your social networks. It allows you to add all your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest accounts, schedule posts, and automatically publish them on the date and time you choose.

It has a free version, really kind; but I recommend that you try one of the payment plans at a very reasonable price since they allow you not only to schedule a post but also to upload thousands of posts from an Excel spreadsheet and obtain content recommendations to maintain an active presence in your accounts.  This tool allows you to permanently monitor what is being said about you or your competitors.

You can monitor in real-time the mentions that are made on the web about the indicated site and therefore, answer them immediately. 

In addition, it allows you to identify influencers, evangelists of your brand, or competitors.

4- Consider Having Good Management Of Your Clients

The use of resources to manage relationships with our customers might seem necessary only for businesses with a high volume of customers. 

However, the importance of properly handling our customers is vital to any business, no matter how small.

That is why here we show you a simple option that allows you to improve communication with your users.

Desk:  Is an application that allows quick and easy management of our client’s queries, through multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, the Web, and email.

It allows you to perform a dynamic classification of interactions with customers, resolve them, change their status, assign them a priority, etc.

5- Use Tools That Increase Your Productivity

In a business where you are the main or very important resource; making efficient use of your time to increase productivity becomes crucial. 

That is why you must have at hand tools that allow you to take advantage of time and be more effective.

Today there are many free and simple applications that we find on the web that facilitate activities; even store our passwords securely, like Dashlane.

Evernote:  it is a very easy-to-use application (it has a free version and different paid versions), which allow you to save articles that are of interest to you, handwritten notes, photos, etc., and manage them through different devices. 

This way you will not lose anything, regardless of whether you are on your PC, on your notebook, on your tablet, or your cell phone.

Dropbox:  This service allows you to save files in the cloud, from different platforms, and have access to them from all the devices in which you log in. It is also characterized by allowing the sharing of files between users.

Like most of the previous tools, it offers a free version, and if you need to store many files, it has very convenient customized plans with discounts if contracted annually.

Developing a successful and effective digital marketing campaign does not have to be so uphill. Identify your business opportunities, have a clear focus on your objectives, study the tools that best suit your needs and get going.

Give these practical tips and tools a chance, they will surely contribute a lot to your business and will give you good results… Do you dare?

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