Time Control Software: Benefits For Workers And CompaniesTime Control Software: Benefits For Workers And Companies


One of the most useful tools today in the workplace is time control software. They allow rigorous control of the hours that the employees of a company work.

This response to a need of companies, but also to current legislation, which has requirements in this regard.

What Is Time Management Software?

A time control software is an operating system that is framed in software that is used for the management of personnel or workers. 

It has information centralization and synchronization functions so that all aspects of personnel management work without errors.

Through This Software, The Company Can:

  1. Calculate the length of working days.
  2. Record overtime and break time.
  3. Know if the workers are working or not.
  4. Manage vacations, permits, and absences.
  5. Coordinate different shifts, with different groups or mixed groups, and that overlap or not.

In addition, workers can:

  1. Take breaks in your work.
  2. Obtain fair remuneration for the work done.
  3. Be supervised without invasive methods.
  4. Obtain vacations and permits in an efficient and timely manner.

Time Control Software: What Are Its Advantages?

The normal processes of the company are greatly streamlined, for example, it includes a vacation manager that saves a lot of time and resources in the organization. 

When a staff of employees is very large, it is necessary to coordinate the vacations of the employees, so that they do not affect the operation. This software does that.

Time control software allows employees to establish remote work since it has functions that let the company know if the worker is doing their work or not, through geolocation tools.

Time control puts an end to human errors, which often leave workers without part of the salary earned. Counting work hours manually can result in major failures that mean labor injustices.

The schedule control software issues report and reports that are useful to the managers and the directive for decision-making.

Time control employing computer software has functionalities, such as the overtime bag, which can be very positive for the workers and the company.

What Is An Overtime Bag?

The overtime bag is a function of the time control software that calculates the overtime hours that an employee does and also the hours in deficit and produces a calculation that returns a balance in favor or against.

This balance in favor is rewarded by the company, in the stipulated time and the balance against can be balanced by the worker doing more overtime.

In this way, workers receive the remuneration they deserve for the work done and obtain various advantages to obtain them.

Overtime bags are possible thanks to computerized procedures and the data they generate is available at all times.

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What Are Work Shifts?

Some companies work several work shifts, due to the need to make the most of the facilities and equipment. This is not always easy to plan for as it can be complex.

Depending on the company’s operation, it can be 2 or 3 shifts, or even more. Some companies have simultaneous shifts in different plants, which can make efficient planning very difficult.

Time control software generates optimal planning of work shifts, distributing personnel according to established parameters in just a few seconds.

After the planning is generated, changes can be made, since these tools have enough flexibility to do so.

The advantages of time control software are many since this affects the entire company, the employee, and his environment.

Select the best time control software for your company and enjoy all its benefits, for the organization and the employees.

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