The Safest Payment Methods For Online TransactionsThe Safest Payment Methods For Online Transactions

The number of online payments has increased in recent years, therefore, users tend more and more to look for secure payment methods for more privacy. And it is that, for those who are not too familiar, it can become a somewhat complicated task.

The Internet User Security Office, also known as OSI, has selected the following methods as the safest for online payments and purchases:

Credit And Debit Cards 

Most web pages accept credit and debit cards. And although this method can generate some mistrust by having to insert the name of the cardholder, the number, the expiration date, and the CVV to confirm the transaction, the user has to go through the payment gateway of a bank. 

In this way, the transaction is completely secure, since only the owner of the method has access to electronic banking.

In addition, the OSI recommends that the safest thing is to have an exclusive card for online purchases and payments, where only the amount you want to spend is deposited.

Payments with an online intermediary

Another of the most standard methods is the use of parties that work as intermediates, such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. 

Its mission is to formalize payment methods, keep them anonymous and prevent the seller from knowing the details of a card.

These methods have become very popular since they offer security but also speed so that both payments and deposits are made in a matter of minutes. 

Hence, the most innovative online platforms have these methods and try to promote them to increase their use.

Online buying and selling platforms usually have at least PayPal, this being the most popular among its competitors. 

Also, entertainment platforms such as streaming websites, online video games, or even the majority of betting houses with PayPal have allied themselves with these methods to guarantee user safety. 

Any secure and up-to-date website will have at least one of these methods among its available options.

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Make Mobile Payments Through Bizum

Many banking entities have the Bizum option in their app, initially created to transfer amounts of money from one mobile to another. However, many web pages have also incorporated this method to make online payments.

A simple and also safe procedure since it has an encryption and double verification system to authorize any payment.

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