The Most Fashionable Handbags That Will Be A Must-Have Of The Season!The Most Fashionable Handbags That Will Be A Must-Have Of The Season!

What are the most fashionable handbags of the season? You certainly won’t call them boring! Geometric classics mix with creative fantasy, and references to retro aesthetics compete with innovative forms. 

Thanks to such diversity of the offer, you gain more room to show off in terms of shaping and perfecting your style. 

The most fashionable handbags of the season in every respect reflect the spring-summer aura full of lightness and positive energy.

In the summer, we will be happy to wear handbags made of cotton, raffia, linen, and jute, as well as reach for models worn in the hand and handbags with interchangeable straps. 

It is worth noting that more and more designer handbags are made of environmentally friendly materials. 

Recycled fibers appear in the collections of world-famous houses (our type is the KARL LAGERFELD designer handbag and handbags from the LIU JO BETTER line), biodegradable plastics, and even vegan “leathers” obtained, among others, from the process of innovative plant treatment.

Handbags Spring Summer 2023 – Intense Colors

Intensely colored handbags are the hit of the season! The current fashion for expressive colors also includes accessories, so you can be sure that by reaching for a colorful handbag you will create a modern look. 

Designers promote models in shades of lime or grass green, stimulating orange and sunny yellow. See for yourself – a lime green VERSACE JEANS COUTURE bag or a fuchsia LIU JO bag will instantly liven up any outfit. 

Blues, serene as a cloudless sky, often appeared at the shows. Branded bags in a lilac shade of Very Peri are also a fashion must-have

What if you prefer more subdued colors? Don’t worry, subtle beiges, whitewashed pinks, and other pastel shades are still out of the game.

Handbags Spring Summer 2023 – Original Shapes

Visually soft and gentle forms are one of the distinguishing features of the most fashionable handbags of the season. 

Due to the fascination with the fashion of the 90s, soft hobo bags are on the rise, which is a bit nonchalant and comfortable to use. 

Designers also often turn to crinkled leathers and soft materials with quilting for an attractive coziness. 

Characteristic baguette bags and crescent-shaped handbags, which occupy an important place in the classics of women’s fashion, are very popular. 

These trends represent, among others, well-designed PATRIZIA PEPE handbags and KARL LAGERFELD handbags. 

Among the current trends, interesting are bucket bags and bags with irregular soft shapes, such as exclusive WEEKEND MAX MARA bags.

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Handbags Spring Summer 2023 – Fashion Has Maxi, Fashion For Micro

Regardless of whether you love small, neat handbags that require discipline to fill them, or you favor spacious bags that can fit almost the entire world, you need to know that both are currently in fashion. 

Large XXL bags with classically rectangular, clean shapes referring to a large shopper or a huge clutch bag can be found in the collections of many brands. 

Particularly noteworthy are the capacious and eye-catching ICE PLAY and PATRIZIA PEPE bags. 

Supporters of the micro-scale will love the small ARMANI EXCHANGE handbag, whose discreet elegance will add splendor to spring and summer stylizations.

Handbags Spring Summer 2023 – In The Chains Of Great Style

The detail that distinguishes the currently most fashionable handbags is the chain and all its variations. 

The chain can replace the strap of a handbag or perform a typically decorative function, often enriched with tags with a logo. 

The price includes both small gold and silver chains that add shine, as well as thickly braided, fancy chains, very often made of durable plastic

We were particularly captivated by the designer PATRIZIA PEPE handbag enriched with a golden-pink chain and a chain intertwined with a scarf, which serves as a handle for the handy ARMANI EXCHANGE handbag.

Handbags Spring Summer 2023 – Textures That Make An Impression

Openwork handbags are a hit of this season’s summer styling. Combine them with a cotton maxi, sandals, and a hat, or compose them with urban casual, smuggling a holiday atmosphere in this way. 

The stylish TWINSET U&B bag draws attention not only with its knitted structure but also with fashionable fringes that add dynamism to it. 

Do you dream of a braided bag made not of string, but of leather? You will find this kind of fashionable news in the LIU JO collection. 

Simple, geometric shapes of the bags emphasize the effective, braided texture, and such a sophisticated addition attracts attention.

Handbags Spring Summer 2023 – When One Is Not Enough

This trend will gain recognition among women who like unconventional, effective, and practical solutions. Wearing handbags in sets allows you to experiment with fashion, enjoying the possibility of creating different arrangements. 

You can combine both small and slightly larger bags, testing combinations of different colors, textures, and finishes. You can also reach for a ready-made, perfectly composed set that you will receive by choosing TWINSET MILANO designer handbags.

Branded Handbags Spring Summer 2023 – Which One To Choose?

A spectacular handbag is a perfect complement to many styles. The latest collections of premium brands abound in stylish handbags for every occasion. Which of them is worth getting to know better? 

What distinguishes bags from well-known manufacturers? Do not wait any longer and discover the diverse, constantly updated collection of new products.

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LIU JO Handbags Spring Summer 2023

Refined, unconventional, and full of many different concepts – this is the latest LIU JO collection. 

You will find elegant LIU JO handbags that can be worn as waist packs, chic handbags with shiny rivets, as well as capacious shopper bags suitable, depending on the model, for the city, or carefree sunbathing. 

The series with orange trim, decorated with a logo, will appeal to enthusiasts of the classics, and colorful shoppers with a handle made of a thick string will appeal to women who like design with flair.

ARMANI EXCHANGE Handbags Spring Summer 2023

ARMANI EXCHANGE bags are more than just practical accessories. Their perfectly balanced design is a guarantee of a fashionable, feminine image perfectly embedded in the prevailing trends. 

The collection includes, among others, stylish handbags, fashionable soft hobo bags, neat handbags with scarves, and green ARMANI EXCHANGE handbags that are a hit of the season. 

What they have in common is perfect workmanship, in which you will notice the attention to every detail.

PATRIZIA PEPE Handbags Spring Summer 2023

Juicy oranges, sophisticated beiges and whites, deep blacks, and electrifying blue are the colors that reign among the brand’s latest proposals. 

Expressive, fashionable colors go hand in hand with perfectly selected materials, and the final result is determined by perfectly sewn cuts, among which you will find proposals for work as well as for a holiday trip or party. 

The large PATRIZIA PEPE jute bag is the essence of summer style, and the iconic baguette on a gold chain is a must-have for a fashionista who appreciates classics.

KARL LAGERFELD Handbags Spring Summer 2023

With the beginning of the season, do you dream of a designer accessory that will add character to your stylizations? Do you like accessories that delight with a truly original design? 

It’s great because that’s what KARL LAGERFELD’s exclusive handbags are like. Choose from original models decorated with a logo or likeness of a famous designer, or opt for one of the crescent-shaped, stitched bags with expressive shoulder straps. Our favorite is a yellow handbag with a cute crocodile motif.

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