The 8 Best Free Travel Apps Essential For This 2023The 8 Best Free Travel Apps Essential For This 2023

There is a bit of nostalgia for how people traveled before. It was an adventure! A map, a camera, and comfortable shoes were essential items, but with the advancement of technology that has changed, and now we have the best travel apps to organize and plan.

Travel apps are essential for me. And when you know the 8 best travel apps to use this 2023, they will become part of your strategy to plan a trip.

When it comes to traveling there are thousands and I am not exaggerating; thousands of applications that promise you heaven and earth, some work very well, while others are pure promises.

They are really useful, because they are useful for other activities, not just for trips, two of them even help me generate extra income when I don’t travel, so yes or yes they stay.

Ever since smartphones have been around (a little over a decade) and apps; Some geniuses have improved the concept of traveling, facilitating the process in many ways, before, during, and after, and here are the best travel apps to use.

Among the best travel apps that I bring you, some are specialized for certain destinations, others are general, and having many applications indeed drives your mobile phone and/or tablet crazy, but I think there are some apps that you should not delete never, they are the ones that will always help you plan your next trip like a professional.

The 8 Best Travel Apps That You Should Improve Your Experience

1. Booking.

I always recommend this app to search for accommodation options, you get great prices, plus another reason why I recommend Booking with more emphasis are all the great options it has:

It allows you to book without having to make any prior payment, it also gives you accommodations that handle free cancellation options, which increases my confidence in this page.

The Booking application is great, it keeps your reservations ordered by dates of entry, so you can keep track of your trips, with data such as:

  1. how much should you pay upon arrival?
  2. What are the facilities of the place where you stay?
  3. direction with a map,
  4. and the option to save the data on your device to manage it offline.

Also, if for some reason you have to cancel, you can do everything directly from the application and as an extra, some destinations have a personalized travel guide.

2. Kiwi App

Another free travel apps to get cheap flights doesn’t hurt on mobile.

It is that if we want to save as much as possible we must investigate, and with several seekers, as an alternative we can get good prices and that is how the free Kiwi app enters, seeker of flights.

3. Civitatis

Civitatis, allows you to get the best activities in the city you visit.

It is an amazing app to plan trips and tours.

From guided visits to the top monuments to tickets to the different museums.

In addition, and the best part, it has some free tours, if you are on a maximum savings plan, you can also use it

Another app that makes your trip easier.

4. Foursquare

For trips and non-travels, it shows you the best of each city, what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, where to have a drink, dance or what to do interesting in the city, a play or concert.

So it is an excellent ally, whether you want to do something different in your city or want to know the best of each city in the world.

This app is very interesting, because it uses the opinions of others to make recommendations, so you can trust it, it is because the activities have already been tested by others and, above all, have been tested by locals.

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5. Eatwith

Enjoy a gastronomic experience with locals.

A perfect travel apps for travelers who love to try local food, with them you will find the essential places to eat or the best gastronomic tours of the place.

The hosts that you will find in the app want to show the best of their city, so guide them to get to know Madrid, Paris, New York, or Mexico City.

6. Omio: Get Tickets In Europe By Train, Bus

TravelBy train through Europe is a dream and it is best to plan ahead of time the tickets you are going to use. With this app of the journey, you get that and more.

If the plan is to save as much as possible, you get this app reservation for travel by bus, all on your mobile and when you need the ticket.

7. Uber 

It is a super useful app to have on your phone because sometimes it is necessary to take fast, safe transportation that you can pay for online.

What I like:

1. The speed, at least in those cities where I tried it, there is an Uber almost next to you waiting for your call, and that is that the application shows you the drivers that are close to your destination.

2. Clear rate! the application shows you the rate, you decide whether to take it or not, nothing to increase prices or go through green roads so that the mileage increases and thus the cost.

3. Online payment. You pay completely online and even better with Paypal.

4. collaborative economy. And I’m a big fan of this, that’s why I love Airbnb and now Uber!! help those who want a bit of financial independence.

8. Google Map

Surely you are already familiar with this app, if you use an Android device it is an app that is probably already on your mobile from the factory.

And luckily it is so, this app is perfect to use during your travels, it not only keeps you located, you can plan your activities with it during your trip to any part of the world.

For example, you can save your favorite options and places to visit in the destination to visit or if you plan to use travel blogs like this one, in some Escapes Around the World posts I leave you links to the Google map so you can get to places you should know. 

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