Spring House Cleaning With The Karcher Window Cleaner Premium Black EditionSpring House Cleaning With The Karcher Window Cleaner Premium Black Edition

This year, I am very excited about spring house cleaning. Maybe it’s a matter of cleaning your own house. Perhaps it’s that I’m looking forward to warm days and this cleaning is such a promise that it’s coming soon. 

Or maybe the fact that we were tearing off a “brick” from above the stairs and I can smell construction dust everywhere. Whatever the reason, I haven’t felt such cleaning excitement in a long time. 

At the same time – while washing windows recently – I thought that without gadgets that make cleaning easier, it would be more difficult for me to carry them out so efficiently with three children. 

That is why I gladly joined the Spring in your home campaign: Time for Cleaning organized by RTV Euro AGD, during which you can buy cleaning equipment at lower prices.

Spring House Cleaning With Window Washer

Spring house cleaning has always been a time for me to breathe new energy into my home. The rays of the sun that fall for a long time make me want more. 

And while in autumn and winter windows wiped by small paws do not bother me so much, in spring I like to have them clean. So that nature, which comes to life, could look into the house unhindered.

Window Cleaner Karcher Premium Black Edition

The window washer is the equipment that I have been using for several years and I can’t imagine it any other way. In the box with the window cleaner, you will find two elements. 

The first is a liquid container with a washer and a microfiber cloth, and the second is a squeegee for dirty water. In this model, we also have two ends for the squeegee: wider and narrower. 

This is very cool because with narrower surfaces or with eyelets with muntins, we can still comfortably use the equipment. In addition, a squeegee charger and a sachet with window cleaner. 

The liquid itself is also very good – it copes well with stronger dirt, and it does not have a suffocating smell, which is very important to me.

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How It’s Working?

Fill the washer container with liquid and water, close it, put on a cloth and it’s ready. Add a squeegee and we can say goodbye to dirty windows. Cleaning with a Karcher washer is just three steps:

  1. We spray the glass with liquid.
  2. Wipe the liquid with a cloth to remove all dirt.
  3. We clear the dirty water with a squeegee.

And done. And the best thing is the lack of streaks and stains. The squeegee is also very quiet, so there is no problem that the volume of the device will discourage you.

Spring Cleaning – Windows And Much More

For bigger, deep cleans, cleaning with a window washer is like a supercharger. Cleaning windows with it is three times faster than in the traditional way. 

With more windows, this difference in time is very noticeable, so since we live at home I appreciate it even more. 

However, what makes this equipment worth having regardless of the number of windows in the house is the fact that it is universal. 

I use it to clean the mirror, shower cabin, or shower glass, but it’s also great for cleaning tiles. Especially when you have tiled entire walls.

In the kitchen, it will also work well for washing tiles, but also countertops. I also use the washer to clean the fronts of high-gloss lacquered kitchen furniture. 

By the way, cleaning with a washer will also catch the glass from the oven or the door from the microwave. Even when I use a Karcher steam cleaner, I use a squeegee to clean the surface dry.

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The Karcher window washer is among my top 3 devices for cleaning and keeping the house tidy. It accompanies me every time I wash windows and do more than everyday cleaning.

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