Advantages Of Solar Panels At Home That You May Not Have KnownAdvantages Of Solar Panels At Home That You May Not Have Known

If you have ever wondered about the advantages of installing solar panels in your home, in this article you will find basic information about it. It is important to note that solar energy offers advantages both for you and for the world in general, both in the short and long term.

The First Benefit Of Installing Solar Panels Is The Savings On The Electricity Bill.

One of the most obvious benefits of installing solar panels at home is the savings on the electricity bill. By using renewable energy to cover some or all of our energy demand, we can save both in economic and energy costs for life.

Although until recently saving on electricity bills was the main advantage of solar panels, today the potential of rooftops can be maximized through distributed generation. This technique calculates a personalized fixed quota of savings, based on a forecast of self-consumption and energy surpluses, which makes it possible to optimize the use of solar energy generated in the home as much as possible.

By having a fixed fee, this can be applied to the total electricity bill, not only to energy consumption as occurs in conventional self-consumption. This allows us to take full advantage of the benefits of solar panels and get closer to the possibility of reducing the electricity bill to zero and even generating additional savings that can be transferred to another home or credited to an account.

Given this, the idea of ​​installing a solar energy installation at home to disconnect from the electricity grid has more disadvantages than advantages. In addition to having to invest in batteries to store power on cloudy days and a backup generator for emergencies, you would also have to deal with any repairs without the support of an external power source. This can be very problematic in the event of a breakdown, as you would not have backup electricity when you need it most.

The Second Benefit Of Installing Solar Panels Is That It Increases The Value Of Your Home.

Photovoltaic solar panels also provide a direct benefit to your home by increasing its value. By significantly reducing the electricity bill and maintaining constant savings, this renewable energy system contributes to adding value to the home.

In case you decide to sell or rent your home, having an energy certificate that includes the installation of solar panels is a great advantage, since energy efficiency and savings are increasingly valued by potential buyers and renters. In addition, this certificate will allow you to ask for a higher price, especially if it is a sale.

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The Third Benefit Of Solar Panels Is That They Help Reduce The Cost Of Electricity

Solar panels have a hidden benefit that is achieved through the distributed generation model, which allows both the residents of the house where the panels are installed and the nearby neighbors to save energy, regardless of whether their roofs are prepared to receive them. or not. Currently, energy production is mostly concentrated in large power plants that often use non-renewable sources, and are located long distances from consumption points. This distance leads to an additional expense since up to 10% of the energy generated can be lost in the transportation process.

A change is promoted towards a distributed generation model based on small renewable energy plants, such as houses with solar panels, which are connected to nearby supply points. By doing this, greater transport efficiency is achieved and costs are reduced, in addition to the environmental benefits that this implies.

Regarding self-consumption surpluses, whether from small homes or large solar or wind farms, the more renewable energy that is generated and enters the energy market, the lower the price of light will be for everyone, regardless of whether they have solar panels or not. This in turn implies a permanent reduction in the price of energy for everyone.

Even though there is currently no completely harmless energy source for the environment, we believe that this should not be a reason not to develop and make the most of those energy sources, such as solar, which have many more advantages than disadvantages in terms of environmental impact.

Some indeed highlight the disadvantages of manufacturing and recycling solar panels, but the fact that they do not pollute when generating energy is a benefit that far outweighs these concerns. Solar and geothermal energy are two of the energy sources that have the least impact on the environment and nature, while fossil fuels are harmful at all stages of their cycle.

As can be seen, the benefits of photovoltaic panels are not limited only to the home where they are installed, but go further and have an impact on the environment and society. Also, although we have mentioned several benefits, we are sure that there are many more that we have not mentioned. Therefore, if you have solar panels at home and want to share other benefits for yourself or the planet, do not hesitate to write them in the comments, we will read them with interest!

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