The CTR (Click Through Rate) or percentage of clicks in Spanish is, in the world of email marketing, a metric that indicates the number of people who have correctly received the email and who have clicked on a link within the content. As you can already guess, it is one of the most important KPIs (key performance indicators) within email marketing metrics, and in this article, we will see why. In addition, we will explain some of the best ways to get it to improve.

Is CTR Important In Email Marketing?

A high CTR is an indicator that our email marketing campaign is going on the right track and obtaining good results, as it means that a large number of users are carrying out the expected action, which may be downloading an ebook, signing up for a webinar, buying a product… 

However, a CTR is considered high when it is above 5% and very high when it reaches 10% (something that only happens in exceptional situations). Therefore, the most normal thing (and also a sign that everything is going well) is that it is between 1% and 3%.

Normally, if you work with email marketing campaign monitoring tools, they will show you the value of this metric, but so that you can learn more about it, below we show you how it is obtained.

Measuring the CTR regularly in email marketing campaigns is very important since it will help us know if we are on the right track or if we need to improve some aspects of it. Specifically, the CTR informs us about different aspects that we will detail below.

Commitment Level

Making sure you are building a good database is crucial. This must be made up of users who are interested in your products or services and, therefore, the information you send. A good or high CTR is an indication that your database is interested in what you offer and that you should not change your lead capture strategy.

Campaign Effectiveness

CTR is one of the most significant marketing metrics when it comes to knowing whether an email marketing campaign is effective or not. For example, imagine you have a very high open rate. At first, this may be a good sign. However, if the CTR is low, it will mean that things are not going well at all and that although users are initially interested in what you offer, there is something that prevents them from taking the step.

If this is the case, it will be time to analyze what may be preventing the conversion.

Campaign Profitability

Of course, a campaign that has a high CTR will be a profitable campaign for the company, whose investment is paying off.

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Content Value

That users click on an internal link in an email is a sign that the content (as well as the aesthetics) inside is well-targeted and interests your audience. If not, it will be time to reconsider the tone and content of the writing, the CTAs (calls to action), and even the design.

In email marketing it is very interesting to carry out A/B tests, that is, launching two emails with different elements, to find out what works best and worst to improve future strategies.

What Is The Difference Between CTR And The CTOR Metric?

We wanted to dedicate a section to differentiating these two email marketing metrics because they can create a lot of confusion. Both are important and offer us different information, so distinguishing them is crucial when analyzing and optimizing our email marketing campaigns.

As we have already told you, the CTR is the number of users who have clicked on one of the links in your email about the total number of users who have correctly received the email. On the other hand, the CTOR is the same, only about the total number of users who have opened the email. Therefore, your formula would take into account the number of opens and not the number of total shipments that have arrived correctly (as in the CTR).

Now that you know the difference, it may seem insignificant to you. However, it makes sense that both exist. For example, if your email marketing campaign has a low CTR but a high CTOR, it can be deduced that perhaps the subject is not very well presented (and does not attract the user at first), but that the content of the email Yes, it is well oriented. Or also that there are many uninterested users in your database.

And now, what is better? Well, both email marketing metrics are important and complement each other, so the ideal is to analyze them together. While CTR is more focused on showing the performance of sending, CTOR is more focused on showing whether the content of the message has been successful or not.

Ideas To Improve The CTR Of Your Email Sendings

Create Attractive CTAs

The CTA (call to action) is that phrase that can be on the buttons or within the text and that encourages users to take the action you want them to take. Many times, these are confusing or not very direct, causing the user to be lost and not know what you intend with your email. Don’t make that your case, as it is one of the elements that can make the difference.

Don’t Forget The Design (not everything is the copy)

Although the copy is crucial, it is not the only thing that the user will encounter when opening the email. Human beings are very visual and if they encounter overwhelming colors and message structure they will not want to move forward.

Offer Valuable Content

Of course, this is the most important part. No matter how good CTA your content includes and no matter how good its design, if the content is not interesting and attractive, there is nothing to do. Therefore, make sure that what you offer your users is of interest to them and express it most appropriately.

Take Into Account Different Devices

Nowadays, most emails are opened on mobile phones, so make sure that your content is also viewed properly on this type of device, and not just on the computer.

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Include Issues That Stand Out

The subject is the first thing that the user will see and if it does not convince them or does not attract their attention, they will most likely not open the message, causing your CTR to go down.

The key currently is to create attractive topics that stand out from the rest. Keep in mind that users now receive a lot of emails, so standing out is difficult, but not impossible. Using emojis or custom subject lines, including the person’s name, can work very well.

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