The Most Popular Nail Designs This SummerThe Most Popular Nail Designs This Summer

Summer is here and with it the most flattering nail designs. If before the ‘more is more’ was what was worn, this season the natural finish reigns supreme. But the good weather arrives and what you want most is to innovate and provide bright colors that enhance your tan. 

Therefore, this summer you will find the classic manicures modified with a more fun and colorful touch. From Luz del Tajo we tell you everything about the nail designs that are most successful and that you will want to show off in your hands from now on.

Pearly Nails

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular nail designs this summer is pearl effect nails. That iridescent touch is achieved thanks to a pearlescent powder, which allows the nails to look with such a special shine. For remembering the mermaid trend that is also succeeding this season. Since we first saw Hailey Bieber, they have been the most claimed. The most common are usually white, pink, or blue bases.

Colorful French Manicure

From the most famous and minimalist manicure, a new trend is born that combines bright or pastel colors with classic neutral nail polish as a base. If you prefer subtlety but want to go to the last with a modern and youthful French, this nail designs is for you. Although the vast majority opt for the same color, we recommend that each nail be a different color. Of course, now in summer, the lighter the colors chosen, the more it will favor your tan. Take a chance!

Clean Nails

Following the most fashionable trend of this 2023, the ‘ clean girl’ look, the ‘ clean nails ‘ manicure emerges, a minimalist nail designs in nude or transparent tones that imitate the real appearance of the nail but adds shine. How to get them? It is easy. You only need three basic steps: transparent base color and a top coat. If you want the nail to be more of a pink shade, achieve it with a light coating of pink and a gel gloss. Also, you can always play with a delicate and sophisticated drawing or design like a flower.

Barbie Core Nails

Are you seeing pink total looks everywhere? This is due to the trend that has been hitting the hardest in recent weeks. And it is that Barbiecore sweeps wherever it goes, now also reaching nail designs. The Barbie movie is to blame for the fact that the most popular ones are hot pink, fuchsia, or baby pink. 

Any color that reminds you of the most famous doll in the world will be a sure hit for your nail designs this summer of 2023. It doesn’t hurt to add some romantic details like hearts. 

Do you like these designs? At Luz del Tajo we make it possible. You can try different designs every week and enjoy the latest trends by making an appointment at Nails Factory in our shopping center. Come visit us and have the most beautiful nails all year long!

Green, Blue, or Orange

Bright colors are always the most used in summer manicures. And, although this year fluorines are not the order of the day, the ones that never fail are the typical ones: blue, green, orange, or fuchsia. Depending on the tastes of each one, they are always a success.

But simple manicures have already gone down in history. What takes are the drawings and minimalist designs on the nails. The mixture of colors is something that girls who go to beauty centers like.

What usually works the most are color gradients. Use enamels of similar colors or similar shades to create drawings on the nails. Light blue with dark, orange with pink… If you are daring, bet more than safe to enjoy a summer of sun and beach. 

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The 5 Most Popular Nail Designs For Summer 2023

                                                                       The 5 Most Popular Nail Designs For Summer 2023

1. Bold Designs In Neon Colors

Manicure in neon tones is very popular in the summer season. But if you want to draw even more attention, you can accompany your neon nails with cool and daring designs. You can add, for example, lines, waves, or funny drawings.

2. Manicure With Classic Designs And Pearl Effect

The latest trends on TikTok and Instagram are classic designs such as the Baby Boomer, the French, or nude nail designs with a pearl effect. This design is one of the most popular during the summer of 2023. Celebrities such as Ivana Rodríguez and Jennifer Ortiz have been seduced by this manicure, on more than one occasion. The pearlescent effect is a touch that turns an understated manicure into a work of art. 

3. Nude Nails With Waves

This trend is not new, but it is still in fashion among our regular customers. Nude nail designs with this design are never too much: it is a refined, interesting, and feminine design.

4. Blush Nails

In the search for new manicure trends on TikTok and Instagram, we came across one of the latest trends of the year: a Korean nail color style that combines nail art with a gradient in the middle of the nail. Normally this design is done with a nude or transparent manicure, and in the middle of the nail, a Blush of any color is made (the most popular colors are neon).

5. French Manicure On Summer Nails 2023

The French manicure is a classic from yesterday and today, although it has its more modern variants, such as this year 2023 where the French manicure changes colors: it is a French manicure with lines of pastel colors. A great idea is to paint each tip in one of the colors from the limited collection

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