IT system in the company: 6 tips for proper implementationIT system in the company: 6 tips for proper implementation

Implementation Of An It System – Why Proper Preparation Is Crucial?

IT system support management procedures in the enterprise and increase its efficiency. They allow you to delegate duties and monitor the effects of work while storing processed data in large amounts. 

Note, however, that their impact on the company will depend on the correct selection of software and its implementation.

Mistakes made when choosing an IT system or its implementation can hurt the functioning of the organization. 

Insufficient involvement of the company will often result in the creation of an environment that does not allow the implementation of business assumptions. 

As a result, the funds invested in software development will not have a chance to return.

Although there are different types of information systems, the principles of their selection and implementation are always the same. In our guide, however, we will focus on the implementation of EOD class software. 

This process should take the form of a synergy of actions, i.e. close cooperation between the company and the supplier of the IT system. The stages of preparation described below will be crucial for success.

1. Appointment Of a Project Supervisor

The first strategic decision when starting the pre-implementation analysis should be the selection of a project leader by the client. The appointed decision-maker will be responsible for, among other things:

  1. supervision of the entire process,
  2. contact with the software supplier,
  3. team management,
  4. contact with the management of the company.

In a word, it can be said that the leader of the implementation project should act as an intermediary between the company and the supplier, binding the work of both parties. 

Its goal is to achieve joint success, i.e. smooth implementation of an IT system tailored to the company’s needs.

It is worth noting that at this stage it will also be very important to properly prepare for the pre-implementation analysis. 

Before company representatives start meetings with the supplier, they should determine in as much detail as possible how the IT system is to function. 

Otherwise, the talks will turn out to be ineffective, because the time spent on specifying details will be wasted on internal disputes between different departments.

Improper preparation on the part of the company can also negatively affect its budget. All unidentified or incorrectly defined needs generate costly corrections. 

Pre-implementation analysis is a pillar of the entire process, so its improper conduct will cast a shadow on all subsequent stages of software implementation. 

In turn, an incorrectly implemented IT system will not be properly exploited, and this will generate the need for additional work.

2. Cooperation And Involvement In Meetings With The Supplier

Communicative people who know the company processes perfectly should be appointed to contact the system supplier. 

The operator will require a proactive approach and maximum involvement in the creation of the EOD environment. 

Therefore, they cannot treat this role as an additional obligation that can be ignored. The management board must provide them with sufficient time and resources to focus on building the IT system.

The most important tasks of the representatives of the organization include signaling any problems and inconveniences occurring in the company. 

After all, they are the ones who know best the business procedures implemented in the company daily. Lack of proper involvement on their part may have a negative impact not only on the analysis process itself but – as we have already mentioned – on the entire implementation.

3. Establishing A Common Goal And Scope Of Activities

The assumptions of the company must be precisely defined to avoid situations where new ideas and improvements appear during the implementation of the system. 

If the analysis is attended by persons absent from the tendering process, they must be perfectly familiar with the current needs and goals guiding the creation of the EOD environment.

The implementation of possible new areas would reverse the entire process while generating additional costs for the company. 

If, during the preparations for the implementation of the system, perspectives not taken into account appear, it is recommended to perform another analysis. 

Introducing them during the current one would disrupt the entire work schedule and increase their costs.

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4. Building Appropriate Design Documentation

Properly prepared documentation is the basis for implementing IT systems. In the case of EOD, it consists of:

  1. all system functions and modules,
  2. document templates,
  3. description of document workflow,
  4. reporting requirements.

Detailed documentation has a positive effect on the pace of the process, because on the one hand, it provides the operator with a precise list of requirements, and on the other hand, it enables the customer to verify the correctness of the work carried out.

Particular attention should also be paid to the way of creating documentation. The pre-implementation analysis should be completed by writing a report, which should be created as a result of cooperation between the company’s employees and the supplier. 

It is a good practice to create a preliminary summary by the system operator and its subsequent review by the client’s representatives. 

This second stage should take into account the division into different areas of expertise following what we wrote about selecting the implementation team.

In this mode of operation, individual experts gain the ability to make any changes to the report. They can also ask questions about their areas and explain specific supplier processes. 

Taking into account the perspectives of both parties at this stage allows you to exhaust the topic and ensure a coherent vision of the final product.

5. Integration Of IT Systems

The EOD software should be integrated with the customer’s existing systems. Due to the connection methodologies used, this process often requires special work, which involves not only additional costs but also more time necessary to implement the designed solutions. 

The biggest problem is situations in which a given IT system is no longer supported, so the whole concept turns out to be impossible to implement. 

In this case, it is best to choose new programs (e.g. CRM or ERP), compatible with modern EOD software.

6. IT Systems – Schedule Of Implementation Works

Implementation of IT systems is a real challenge for many enterprises. Employees of the company must not only perform their daily duties but also be additionally involved in the process of implementing a new solution. 

The whole process should therefore be divided into several stages, which will be carried out in the right order.

The need to organize training courses familiarizing the new IT system also speaks in favor of creating an employee-friendly schedule. 

Adopting too broad a scope at once could significantly hinder education and meet with resistance from future users of the EOD environment. 

When scheduling the implementation, make sure that employees can simultaneously fulfill their duties and gradually learn about the new system.

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IT Systems In The Company – How To Prepare For Implementation?

Although a new IT system in an enterprise is a big challenge for the entire organization, appropriate actions allow you to efficiently go through the entire implementation process. 

Following our guidelines facilitates effective management of the implementation process, designing procedures following the company’s needs, and using the full potential of EOD systems.

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