In 2023, Two-Thirds Of Companies Plan To Increase Their IT Budget
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In 2023, Two-Thirds Of Companies Plan To Increase Their IT Budget

Up to 81% of enterprises have not met their digitization goals, according to Gartner analysts. That’s why 2 out of 3 CFOs plan to increase IT spending in 2023. One of the main investment areas is to be automation using low-code platforms.

Gartner analysts indicate three areas that companies should pay attention to in the context of accelerating digitization. First, high-interest rates cut entrepreneurs off from investment, and inflation fuels the wage spiral. 

Secondly, the constant, for a long time, the insufficient number of IT specialists hinders the development of companies. 

And finally, the slowdown in digitization blocks innovation, and thus takes away arguments from companies that are unable to compete with each other in the free market.

Robotization Supports, Not Replaces

Widespread robotization is still associated with many concerns. It is often considered a threat and a revolution on the labor market – a revolution that may bring very positive results, but at the same time hit workers. 

And in fact, the Gartner 2021 I&O Leaders Survey shows that 80% of experts indicate automation as the best way to increase the efficiency of the company. 

At the same time, according to the Personnel Service Polish Labor Market Barometer, 77% of Poles do not know anyone who would lose their job due to the implementation of automation.

It should be remembered that RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is largely responsible for the automation of repetitive, monotonous tasks, which from a broader perspective take employees’ time that they could spend on projects that are much more important from a business point of view. Robotization is therefore mainly to support employees, not replace them.

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Investments In IT As A Way Out Of The Recession

Companies operating in the post-pandemic world are joining the digital revolution, but according to Gartner’s research, as many as 81% of them admit that they have not yet achieved the goals they set for themselves in this area. 

That is why, despite lower investment funds and high salaries of IT specialists, these two-thirds of CFOs declare that they will increase their technology budgets in 2023.

For years, the market has been looking for a way to efficiently switch to advanced technological solutions to support business despite the insufficient number of IT specialists. 

The Polish Economic Institute reports that only in Poland 42% of technological vacancies are difficult to fill, 64% of companies employ fewer IT specialists than planned, and every fifth project had to be suspended due to the lack of personnel with appropriate digital competencies.

The Future Of Digital Bricks

The dynamically developing technology that addresses the vast majority of current challenges is low code. 

Platforms of this class are environments that enable the construction of fully functional applications from digital bricks. 

According to Gartner experts, by 2025, 70% of activities related to application delivery will be carried out using low-code tools

“Low-code platforms enable the creation of advanced solutions for digitization and automation of virtually all business processes. 

In other words: low-code can be the backbone of the company’s IT, which will help to organize, optimize, digitize, and automate all processes taking place in the company,” says Łukasz Semeniuk, Commercial Director of Webcon.

“Our parents, reading Lem’s ‘Fables for Robots’, had no idea that they would drive electric cars on Polish roads, connect with their grandchildren via a video communicator, and in the bank would be serviced by phone by a bot that could solve even half of the problems in some institutions. And yet, this is our reality.

At Webcon, we help medium and large companies to enter the world of digital transformation daily, which, not in a decade, but here and now, provides reliable support in the face of subsequent challenges of the economy,” he concludes.


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