Ideas To Decorate With Wall MirrorsIdeas To Decorate With Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are not only functional but also add a very special and original touch to rooms. There are giant wall mirrors, others tiny, with a frame, without a frame. 

And all of them are suitable for decorating and giving spaciousness and light. Do you know how to do it? We’ll tell you then!

How To Decorate With Wall Mirrors?

Wall mirrors never go out of style, as they are essential. But in addition to being practical and timeless, these elements can help us give much more space to small rooms. Or make large spaces seem even more so.

On the other hand, mirrors can reflect light, so if they are placed in the right places, it is possible to provide light and create very different effects.

What Function Do Wall Mirrors Have?

What mission do you want to give the mirror? If what you want is to multiply the light and give a feeling of spaciousness, wall mirrors are ideal for placing them in small, dimly lit rooms. 

To encourage this, the mirror can be placed facing the main light source, be it a lamp, window, or door.

Wall mirrors also allow us to play with trompe l’oeil, creating doors or windows where there are none. In this sense, the mirrors can be placed in front of a stair rise, or on a wall where a large window would look great.

Another function of mirrors may be to focus attention on a specific point. To promote its decorative weight, we must think about the reflection that the mirror will show. 

The ideal is to place them on a striking painting, the star piece of furniture in the room, or a patterned wall.

The Advantages Of Breaking With Symmetry In Decoration

Sometimes in decoration, we try to make everything perfectly symmetrical: the furniture, the paintings, the wall mirrors, the lamps… However, breaking this symmetry can pleasantly surprise us.

In the bedroom, wall mirrors are usually placed on the dresser, next to the closet, and above the headboard of the bed. At Devitro, we recommend placing a large mirror on the headboard, when it is very striking and special. 

But if we leave symmetry aside, and focus on the visual balance between elements, we can place the mirror on one side of the bed, on the nightstand. In this way, a more chic and groundbreaking touch is given to the bedroom.

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Surprise With The Placement Of The Mirror

We all expect to see a mirror at the entrance of a house, on one of the walls in the living room, in the bedroom, and over the sink in the bathroom. 

But what would be your reaction to finding yourself with wall mirrors over the kitchen sink? If what we are looking for is to give the mirror a merely decorative function, we can place them in unexpected places such as the kitchen, the study, or the stairs.

In these cases, the ideal is to choose a custom mirror or a special piece that stands out in the decoration but is also in harmony with the space.

Another way to surprise the location of the mirror is by placing it on the floor, instead of hanging it on the wall. To capture all eyes, it is recommended to follow this trend with giant and eye-catching wall mirrors. 

In addition, it is an ideal way to update the home and give it a very modern and original touch.

What Type Of Wall Mirrors To Choose To Decorate?

Choosing between one mirror or another will depend on the style of the home, the function that we are going to give it, and of course, our tastes.

Round Mirrors Are Trends

Hanging on a thick rope, the round wall mirrors fill decoration magazines. These adapt to all rooms in the house, but especially to bathrooms and bedrooms. But in any case, they always give a very striking and modern different touch.

They are also ideal for achieving a very cozy nautical and maritime look, as they resemble the circular windows of ships.

Decorate Walls With Different Mirrors

Filling a wall with several mirrors of different and original sizes can be very chic. For this, it is important to choose models that share some characteristics. For example, they are all circular, with old frames, or tiny.

If we want to use a single mirror and give it all the prominence, the ideal is to look for a model that manages to capture all eyes. The idea is to choose a mirror that suits the style of the home and adds character and personality.

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