How To Retain My Customers Through Social Networks 8 StepsHow To Retain My Customers Through Social Networks 8 Steps


Getting customers to be loyal to your brand is a great challenge, especially considering the wide range of similar products or services. If you got here wondering how to retain my customers

You are in the right place. We offer you a list of eight steps that can help you.

Definition Of Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a set of practices by a company to reduce the number of customers who abandon its brand. 

This strategy is based on three fundamental pillars:

  1. The behavior of the client.
  2. Market trends.
  3. Competitor analysis.

Loyalty to a customer is not a task of a few weeks or a few months. It is a long-term projection, which implies constant internal analysis of performance and progress to achieve satisfied customers.

To achieve this, loyalty cards, surprise gifts for customers, or point and discount systems for regular customers were used. 

But social networks came on the scene, to provide many cheaper options, easier to measure and implement. So how can you help me retain my customers?

Advantages Of Using Social Networks To Retain My Customers

Still don’t know the power of social networks for your business? Let’s look at some statistics on Hoot Suite 2021 to visualize its impact.

  1. Globally, 5 billion users of social networks spend almost three hours on this activity.
  2. 90% of social media users follow brands.
  3. 92% of users say they have acted after seeing a product.

How To Retain My Customers? 8 Step Guide

“Engagement “, this word has to guide all your future actions in terms of how to retain the customers, in question. But what is it? Engagement is called the level of involvement that your followers have with your content. 

How do I know if I have a good engagement? There are several indicators such as the volume of likes, the number of comments, and the times that content was saved or shared with someone else. With this in mind, let’s look at some marketing strategies to retain customers.

1 | Identify Why Customers Leave You

The first step to learning how to retain my customers is to discover why they leave your business. 

While there can be multiple factors, the most common is a poor-quality shopping experience. Some reasons may be: 

  1. Long waiting times to make a purchase.
  2. Poor customer service may be due to insufficient information or the availability of sales agents. 
  3. There is not enough information about my business on my social networks. 

2 | Engaging With Your Audience Creates An Audience Engaged With Your Brand

The best strategy to involve your public if you are looking for how to retain your customers is to ask. People love to feel consulted. 

Start consulting or doing surveys on networks. It is also an excellent way to collect useful information for your sales strategies.

3 | Excite Your Audience To Retain Your Customers

Users usually follow those contents that allow them to identify themselves and get excited. Starting to tell moving stories is a good way to implement your loyalty program. 

Always taking care of good taste, of course. And above all, if you can choose, opt for the video format. 

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4 | To Create Strong Relationships With Your Client, Share Your Brand Identity

Following the same line, sharing images with phrases or reflections is a good start to retaining your customers. Because? People like to identify themselves. 

When faced with a reflection or phrase, we usually think “It is what I think”, or “It is what happens to me”. Take this opportunity to share the values ​​of your business.

5 | Offering Useful Information Ensures You Engaged Customers

If you keep wondering how to retain my customers? You can try the strategy of sharing valuable content and information that makes life much easier for your audience. 

The first step is to put yourself in the shoes of your followers and reflect on what information would be useful to them.

6 | Customize Your Brand To Retain Your Customers

You must show something of your personal life, or behind the scenes of your store, in your networks. 

The idea is to share experiences, data, or memories that reflect a particular value of your brand. People tend to do business with the people with whom they identify. 

7 | Train Your Care Team

A bad customer experience can ruin your strategies. It is very relevant to train those people who respond to messages and comments on your store’s networks. You can take a course, or implement a message etiquette manual. 

8 | Being Socially Responsible Matters

At present, customers are very aware of the social responsibility of the businesses they turn to. 

As a brand, we must reflect on the economic, environmental, and social impact of our activities. Taking action to improve some of these areas is critical to your customer loyalty program. 


If you came to this article wondering how to retain my customers? We hope this note has given you several practical options to implement

Remember that these strategies have to be sustained in the long term. One option that can offer this stability is to have customer loyalty software. 

Many programs can facilitate your work such as We Grow CRM, or Magic Loyalty System. 

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