How To Organize A Company Complete GuideHow To Organize A Company Complete Guide


Knowing how to organize a company is the first step for your business to work. More than offering good products and services, it is essential to have well-structured processes from start to finish.

Some companies are born disorganized, which may explain the high percentage of closures before the first year. On the other hand, some become “messy” over time.

This leads to unnecessary expenses, to the lack of standardization of the processes, to a flow of work that is not very defined or not at all, and to the fact that the sectors fight each other.

Below, you will find valuable advice for organizing your company’s finances, human resources, and documentation, and discover what signs indicate that your business needs restructuring.

How To Know If The Company Is Disorganized?

To put the advice on how to organize a business into practice, it is important to understand if your corporation requires a change in processes.

Here are some signs that show the disorganization of a company :

  1. Teams have conflicts with each other that are never resolved.
  2. The activities are not planned.
  3. The improvements are specific and not reflective of the whole, which gives the feeling that the problems are not solved and will happen again.
  4. Delivery deadlines are not met.
  5. Management promotes strategic planning meetings, but nothing happens.
  6. It has a high turnover rate.
  7. Customers register a high rate of complaints and dissatisfaction.
  8. Lack of alignment between managers, directors, and business partners.
  9. The way to carry out the activities is kept only in the heads of the employees, without any type of registration or formalization of the workflows.
  10. Expenses grow more than profitability.
  11. There are stock problems, such as a lack of products and difficulty in fulfilling orders.
  12. There is no internal communication or it is weak and lacks results.
  13. There are inconsistencies in the sales reports and the company cannot know exactly how much it has sold.

If the company exhibits one or more of these signs, then attention should be paid to and issues prioritized. Some situations are easy to solve, while others require a complete change of the working model.

The Importance Of The Organization Of A Company

Several factors influence the early closure of businesses. Problems related to high tax rates, competition, and even the country’s economic situation interfere with business results.

However, in general, disorganization is one of the decisive factors for a company to succeed or not. That is why it is so important to have a thorough knowledge of your area of ​​activity and the best practices on how to organize the company.

How To Organize A Company?

To start improving business processes, it is worth paying attention to these four tips:

1. Understand how process management works

The first step is to understand the concept of process management. This is a discipline that proposes good practices in the management of a company, focusing on the optimization of processes.

It is necessary to map all the business processes to later identify where the failures are and what points need to be improved.

The manager is capable of having a broad vision of the business, understanding the processes from start to finish and the functions of each area.

2. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership

Often, having one or more partners can create a lot of disruption in the company. The different people who run a company must have good harmony to guarantee that things happen according to what is established in the planning.

To organize the company and guarantee the proper functioning of the association, it is essential to be professional and define common objectives with a well-structured strategy.

In the case of individual entrepreneurs, the possibility of having the support of a manager with an administrative profile and skills that complement what one already knows how to do should be considered.

3. Ensure good financial control

The financial area can become a sensitive point if it is not managed properly. It is necessary to know all the expenses of the company, always looking for ways to reduce expenses and increase the return on investment.

In addition, it is important to price products and services appropriately. To do this, use good financial management tools, know your costs in depth and define the desired percentage of profitability.

4. Pay more attention to communication

Communication is often left out or focused solely on marketing strategies. However, it is necessary to have 360º communication management.

Take care of the internal communication structure and ensure that information exchanges are always clear and objective.

All sectors must be aligned with the general and specific objectives of the company, in addition to understanding what your responsibilities are to improve results. Having the process mapping designed with a workflow tool is a great alternative.

How Is It Possible To Organize The Finances Of A Company?

The financial organization can become one of the most complex aspects of a company. If small failures start to occur, the problem can snowball, with irreversible consequences.

For small businesses, it’s always a good idea to remember to separate personal and business accounts. Natural and legal Persons must be separated!

It is also necessary to establish a budget for the year, know the payment terms of all the invoices, and have good control of the stock.

Keeping an eye on finances is essential because even companies with a high volume of sales can run into trouble if they don’t do proper financial management.

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How Is It Possible To Organize The Documents Of A Company?

Another important point for managers who want to improve the way a company is organized is documentation.

ECM ( Enterprise Content Management ) is a suitable service for this. The platform is capable of managing all the company’s information and content, all with very effective permission control and great ease of use. ECM, for those who have heard of EDM ( Electronic Document Management or Electronic Document Management), is an evolution of this type of system.

The tool captures, stores, manages, preserves, and delivers the data, optimizing the organization and access to this information.

How Is It Possible To Organize The Human Resources Of A Company?

HR also deserves a spotlight in the business organization. The Human Resources department must create talent recruitment and retention strategies aligned with business objectives.

For this, it is important to plan achievable actions and establish objectives that help control the quality of work and the impact it has on the company’s overall achievements.

An example would be to carry out good recruitment planning to reach the ideal candidate. With this good planning, the perception of the need to hire is improved, the most advantageous platform for hiring is found, the compatibility of the candidate with the position and the company is analyzed, and the curricular screening is carried out in a more standardized way, among others.

Importance Of Integrated Management For Any Organization

We cannot talk about the organization of the company without highlighting the integrated management. The concept refers to a way of managing the company based on the unity of processes and objectives.

Although each sector has its responsibilities and objectives, they work together to achieve a common goal for the company. Having a Shared Services Center (CSC) can facilitate these flows.

This working model guarantees more agile workflows and more precise results, with greater customer satisfaction and, of course, a continuous improvement in results.

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