How To Enlarge The iPhone KeyboardHow To Enlarge The iPhone Keyboard


As you age, it becomes more difficult to distinguish fine print on a smartphone screen. Unfortunately, this vision disorder is inevitable and will affect all of us after a certain age. To solve this problem, Apple offers an option to enlarge the iPhone keyboard.

Change iPhone IOS Keyboard Size

Near vision declines with age. This progressive deterioration generally begins around the age of 40 or even 50 for the luckiest. 

But one thing is certain, no one can escape it. 

If you’re starting to stretch your arms out to read a text or the characters on the iPhone keyboard all seem blurry, then it’s time to take action.

Certain measures can be taken in addition to reducing the effects of presbyopia. 

For example, you can enlarge the size of the iPhone keyboard. This will improve character readability and make displayed text larger and thicker.

Make iPhone Fonts Bold

Eyes tire quickly on a smartphone. All the more reason to take the greatest care of it. 

If you’re having trouble distinguishing the characters on your iPhone keyboard, know that you could make the letters bold.

This will make it easier for you to spot the keys and reduce the chance of typos.

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon
  2. Click on the Brightness and display section
  3. Roll the window down
  4. Tap the Bold text switch to enable the option (the button will turn green)
  5. Open a messaging app to trigger the keyboard to open

This manipulation does not increase the size of the characters but makes the keyboard keys more readable. Take a test and see if it suits you. If necessary, go to the next section. Here’s how to change the font on an iPhone.

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Resize Your iPhone Screen

If you still can’t comfortably type a text or message on your iPhone, you’ll have no choice but to enlarge your keyboard. Please note that the operating system (iOS) of your smartphone does not offer this type of option.

But you will see that there is a trick to overcoming this problem. To do this, we are going to modify the display zoom option. This will allow you to enlarge the size of the touch keys on the keyboard.

  1. Go back to Settings on your iPhone
  2. Open the Brightness and display section
  3. Click on the Show button located in the Zoom section of the screen
  4. Check the Maximize box
  5. Press the Set button at the top right of the screen to validate your choice

Your smartphone screen will go black for a few seconds while iOS resizes your screen to your new preferences. Keyboard keys will appear larger and wider.

The appearance of presbyopia should not be experienced as a constraint. Today there are solutions to treat it. In addition to traditional glasses and other contact lenses, there are now surgical techniques to alleviate this vision problem (implant placement, laser, surgery).

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