Instagram has become the social network par excellence. Statista points out in its reports that this social network has 1,000 million users worldwide, according to data collected in April 2019.

Although it still does not surpass Facebook, growth expectations are very high and make it an excellent resource to boost the visibility of any business. How to do it? Through Instagram Ads!

Since 2015 it is possible to attract potential customers on social networks through ads, and every day it is exploited by companies from many different sectors: decoration, food, fashion, education, communication, etc.

Currently, it has 25 million business profiles, a figure that shows that for many it is a great option for their ads to reach a large number of people. Today, the social network also allows in-app purchases with Instagram Shopping.

In this guide, we are going to teach you clearly and easily how to start advertising on this social network!

How Does Advertising On Instagram Work?

Instagram has a news section for each user, where the images shared by the accounts that are followed appear. It is in that section where the ads will appear.

Does that depend on whether some ads or others come out? The appearance of some ads or others varies depending on the activity of each account. 

Being selected as the target audience for any ad depends on the trail that each user leaves on Instagram, Facebook, third-party applications, and even on other previously visited web pages.

To differentiate Instagram ads from other posts, they have a label indicating that they are advertising, placed at the top of the image, so that it can be easily recognized.

Types Of Advertising On Instagram

Running ads on Instagram is not difficult. The most complicated thing is to make effective ads, capable of reaching the preferred target.  To achieve this, you need to know all the types of advertising that this social network allows you to do: advertising through an image, video, carousel, story, presentation, or collection.

Next, we explain the different types of advertising on Instagram :

1. Image :

This is the simplest ad on Instagram. It consists of an image that can contain text as long as it occupies less than 20% of the total image. It can be square or horizontal, at the advertiser’s choice.

2. Video :

Videos are another option to advertise on Instagram. Currently, the social network only allows the publication of 60-second videos. These ads can be square or landscape.

3. Carousel :

For the most creative advertisers, there is the carousel format, a format that allows the user to show up to 10 photos or videos in a single ad. 

It is a format that has the objective of counting, for example; the history or philosophy of a company/brand, the process of making a product, etc.

4. Story :

Instagram stories have become a real addiction for many users. Few are those who do not constantly review them

Did you know that you can take advantage of this trend to publicize your brand? Currently, you can advertise on Instagram stories, both in image and video format (15 seconds). 

These ads are shown to the users who are viewing the stories of the accounts they follow, and they do not remain for only 24 hours, the time will depend on the budget and the configuration of the ad.

5. Presentation :

The slideshow ad consists of a video made up of images. This ad can be dynamic, have music and take advantage of the different filters offered by the social network.

7. Collection :

They are very complete advertisements. They allow users to view different products of a company. 

To make this type of advertisement, you need to create a product catalog and upload it to Facebook.

Tips For Advertising On Instagram

Running successful ads on Instagram requires experience and continuous trial and error processes.

To make your task easier, we are going to offer you a series of tips that are very useful for achieving professional ads on Instagram:

1. Know Your Audience

This is basic! There is nothing worse than creating ads or content for the wrong audience. Failure is resounding!

You have to know very well what your audience is like, what they like the most, where they are, how they search for information online, etc. 

You must know their goals and values, and what they want and need to be able to offer it to them when creating your ads.

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2. Use Of #hashtags

There is no better way to create relevance than to use different types of hashtags to tag your ads. 

Use those that are popular but also of your creation. Keep in mind that using hashtags in your Instagram posts can increase engagement by up to 12.6%.

3. Write Persuasive Texts

On Instagram, the display time of the ads is ephemeral. You need to grab the user’s attention quickly before they slide to the next piece of content.

To do this, we recommend starting with a striking phrase, a question, or a surprising fact. 

You can also use emoticons or make a call to action using neuromarketing strategies such as the principle of scarcity (Last units) or exclusivity (Limited Edition).

4. Relevant Call To Action

Use the most precise Call-to-action to be a complementary part of the ad. You must write an eye-catching call to action that motivates your audience to click on the ad, visit your website, and buy or download content.

5. Stay Updated

It is very important to keep up to date with trends and change the style of your ads constantly so that your audience does not lose interest. 

We recommend trying different subtitles, formats, and audiences until you find the one that performs best for your goals.

Observe the competition. On many occasions, it is enough to analyze the competition to see which formats, styles, and types of ads work best at any given time.

6. Quality In The Photos

The way you present a product should be in line with the message. If you want to present a great product, the quality of the image must also be great.

We recommend using more than one image. Through various images, the message of an ad is reinforced, making it easier for the user to remember.

7. Show Your Brand Personality

Consistency and coherence in your publications help reinforce your brand image. You must take care of the images, the tone, and the message to represent who you are as a company.

8. Do A/B Tests With Images And Copies

It is essential to create several test versions of your ads, doing A / B tests of calls to action, images, and texts. Sometimes a small change, like a different copy or CTA can get very different results.

We encourage you to experiment with different copy and visuals in your ads until you find the one that works best for you.

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How To Advertise On Instagram Ads?

Follow these guidelines and learn how to advertise on Instagram step by step.

1. Link Your Instagram Account To Facebook

Before you start advertising on Instagram you have to link your account to Facebook. Please note that Facebook and Instagram use the same Facebook Ads platform.

To link the account you have to enter your Facebook page and access ‘Settings’. There look for Instagram and click to add your account. You will only have to add your username and password!

2. Create A Campaign From Ads Manager

After linking your Instagram account to Facebook you have to ‘create a new ad’. 

If you have previously carried out an advertising campaign on Facebook, the process will be very simple for you because you must follow the same steps, the only difference is that, in the locations, specifically on the platform, you will only have to leave Instagram marked.

3. Create The Ad Set

Before creating the ad, you will need to give the ad set a name. Once you have named it, you will be able to select the objective, define the segmentation, and choose the location of the ads, the budget, and the calendar.

Select Your Goal

From the Facebook ads manager, you can choose from a large number of objectives, although you should keep in mind that not all Facebook objectives are compatible with Instagram Stories ads, such as interaction or catalog sales.

Below we show you all the advertising objectives that you can define for your ad in News:

Defines The Type Of Segmentation

You can select the type of segmentation in two ways: automatic and manual.

  1. Automatic: Instagram can perform similar audience targeting based on a source audience, such as your profile followers.
  2. Manual: the segmentation is done by yourself. You select your audience taking into account demographic, geographic data, interests, and interaction with your website.

Choose The Placement Of The Ads On Instagram

It is time to select the placement of the ads on Instagram, that is, where you want these ads to appear.

  1. Device – which device do you want the ad to appear on; mobile or computer? We recommend that you select only mobile as it is the most used device.
  2. Platform: you will have to check only the Instagram platform so that the ad will only appear on that platform.
  3. Feed or Stories: this option will appear when you select the platform. Ads in Feed and Stories require different layouts. Keep this in mind when making the designs!

Choose The Budget And The Calendar

You can choose between two types of budget: the daily budget and the total budget.

  1. Daily budget: It is the maximum daily expense. Allows you to select a start date and an end date.
  2. Total budget – Total budget for the ad set with a duration that you set in advance. You can select the hours and days you want your ads to run.

4. Set Up Your Ad

Once the budget and calendar have been defined, you have to configure the ad: image, video, and text that your target audience will see. You will have two options:

  1. Set up a new ad.
  2. Select a post for your ad.

After configuring the ad, select the ad format (image, video, carousel…), create the copy that will accompany the ad, put the destination URL, a CTA, and… voila!

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5. Analyze The Results And Optimize Your Campaigns

Sales don’t come by magic! Once the ad is configured, it is time to activate, analyze and optimize it. 

Analyzing the results of your ads is necessary and will help you to know if you are achieving the objectives set. 

It is the best way to know the impact of our campaigns, and if they are successful or not.

In Instagram Ads, the indicators that should help us to know the success of our ads are the following: conversions, cost per investment, impressions, CPM, frequency, CTR, clicks, CPC, and amount spent.

These indicators will measure the effectiveness of the ads and help us make the best decisions to optimize the campaigns and meet objectives.

Ads Directly From Instagram

From Instagram, it is possible to advertise easily and quickly. How? Promoting an existing post within your Instagram profile. Please read the following steps carefully:

  1. It is necessary to have a business profile on Instagram: Settings > Account > Switch to a business account.
  2. Select the publication you want to promote and click on ” Promote ” (below the image).
  3. Select your goal.
  4. You can include a call to action like Buy or Sign up.
  5. Choose a budget and ad time/duration and click “ Create Promotion ”.

How Much Does Advertising On Instagram Cost?

How to advertise on this platform is not the only question that many companies ask themselves. 

For most of them, the first thing they want to know is how much advertising on Instagram costs.

We cannot answer this question! Many factors go into the price of advertising on Instagram.

Some of these factors are:

  1. Company sector: the price of advertising varies greatly depending on the sector to which the company is dedicated.
  2. The product offered: the cost also varies depending on the demand for the product.
  3. Selected objective: depending on the objective, you will optimize your budget taking into account CPC, CPM, impressions, etc.
  4. Audience segmentation: this factor is very important to reduce costs. Selecting the right audience will help you show the ad to the right people, thus optimizing your financial resources.
  5. Type of ad: the type of ad will also influence the efficiency of the campaign, and this in the cost. Many times it is necessary to test the type of advertisement that is best for each company or product.

Creative Examples Of Advertising On Instagram

To continue on the right path, sometimes it is necessary to know those works that have achieved success and look for inspiration in them.

We offer you a list of creative examples of advertising on Instagram:


It is interesting to know that Starbucks’ advertising strategy, more focused on showing messages and brand philosophy than its products, is a complete success!


It stands out for making it very clear who your target audience is by showing what this type of audience wants. 

In this example, we see how they use carousel ads with a lot of creativity.

Chilly’s Bottles:

It offers ads where creativity is above the product. It is a good example of where being creative is synonymous with success.


The company has been an early adopter of Instagram carousel ads, and one of the first to successfully design an efficient and innovative campaign using that format.

Instagram has become a true platform for success to implement an advertising strategy. 

If you have questions or want to make efficient ads, contact our team of specialists in digital marketing and Social Ads. We will help you obtain the best results!

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