How Long Can We Take To Do An App Development?

How Long Can We Take To Do An App Development?

How Much Time Required For App Development?

Do you know how many downloads of applications are expected in 2022? It is a projection, but we are talking about approximately 300,000 Million apps downloaded. 300KM. 

That is to say 300,000,000,000. And do you know how much revenue they are expected to generate? It is also a projection, but over $700KM. 700,000,000,000 dollars. 700,000 million benefits in apps. 

That is why many companies currently focus on app development and that year after year many amounts of money are invested in occupying a place in the market. 

And the time that app development can take is a transcendental factor that all companies consider extremely important.

Currently, there are millions of applications available in both Google Play and the Apple Store in equal parts, and each year they grow exponentially in number. 

We have applications of all kinds and different options. You just need to access it and realize that we can do almost anything with any application.

Both internal applications within corporations, and customer service, apps for events, apps for commercials, eDetailings, social network apps, to communicate, games, … Infinite applications that are already part of the daily life of users.

How Long Does It Take To Develop An App?

The million-dollar question, or at least one of them, is: How long can we take to develop applications? Today, the time-to-market or hit first is essential for many startups. 

Positioning yourself first in the market, covering an existing need, or, even better, uncovering a new need in users that they were not aware of, makes being a pioneer in the launch of an app essential.

And how to approach assessing of the time we should dedicate to building an app. Like any answer to a complex question, the correct one is it depends. 

It depends on the scope, and it depends on the cost. Of technology. And many more factors. The classic triple constraint triangle, where one of the vertices is time.

However, a simplistic approximation could bring us closer to assessing that an app with a medium profile, with common technology and medium complexity, can take approximately 4 to 5 months of development. 

For an MVP model that covers essential needs. This can be an assessment of the time that we can take in the app development.

But that is only, as we have said, a very simplistic approximation. There are so many variables that can alter that planning, that it is difficult to support it. Let’s list some of those variables to have more order in the head:

. Scope of app development.

. Resources

. Technology

. Development methodology.

. Customer availability.

. App operating systems.

And that is to mention only some of the most relevant. Because many other factors can lead to delays in the development of the app.

We are going to explain in more detail how it can affect this list of conditions that can cause our app to come to light more or less late:

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Scope Of App Development

The scope is the mother of all constraints. If our information system is going to be simple application development, a typical management application, with lists, files, login, registration, profile, and purchase process, we are talking about a certain scope. 

If, in addition, our app has to have a much more complex process, with different functionalities that we have to think about and then execute the construction process as we have it in our vision, the scope is radically higher.


Is it the same to work with 2 people on a project as 20? Of course not. Establishing a multidisciplinary development team with the ability to generate high-performance, expert code, and excellent know-how is not the same as a one-person development. 

The cost has something to say, but if we talk about personal resources (apart from material resources) the development time can be highly conditioned.


Is it the same to develop a native app as a hybrid app? Or a PWA? Or perhaps, the same as a web app? Of course not. A native app implies almost doubling the code lines of the project because we have to do a specific development for Android and a specific development for iOS. 

Developing in hybrid implies a lower volume of programming lines because a single code works for both platforms. We have to look at things like performance, but it’s a magnificent option for many applications that want to go to market. 

But focusing on the content of the article, no, of course, it is not the same amount of time to invest in native development as in hybrid development, for example.


Development Methodology

How we carry out the project with our client is also a determining factor of time. If we apply Waterfall or Agile, time can be affected. 

While a development in Waterfall, we focus on an initial scope definition. Obviously, with periodic reviews, we have quantified the total development time. We can monitor compliance or not with the timings. In the case of Agile, it goes in the right direction, precisely opposite. Agile precisely time, at least in terms of planning, does not count for anything. 

Since each iteration or backlog defines the objectives for the next iteration. Establishing the priorities and that these, like the scope, can be changing during the execution period.

Customer Availability

It seems that it is not relevant, because surely the predisposition and availability of the client at the beginning of the project are total. Promise that he will be aware of any aspect that we have to consider with the client. 

But the reality is that the client also has his day-to-day, and that the validation and supervision processes are often not as agile as they should be. 

Besides, it may be the case that in an iteration, the client is shown a functionality that has been started or finished, and they discover that it is not exactly as they had imagined. 

That is not usual, but if it happens it is a headache. Because you have to replan and therefore lose development time to do rework.

App Operating Systems

Finally, mention something that, although it is not a factor that can affect it, can be important due to its significance. Frequently, we do not realize that we are playing on third-party land. 

We can have an app because there are devices that can run them. It seems like a no-brainer, but really, any movement that both Google and Apple make in their operating systems can noticeably impact the behavior of our app or its planning. 

And even more: There is a review process that depends on a third party, which in the case of Apple is quite relevant.

You can dedicate weeks or months or more time to develop an app. By uploading your work and publishing it, on a specific date that you have stipulated. Planned, with a handful of other promotion and digital marketing actions behind it, an Apple reviewer considers that Your application does not comply with some hundreds of conditions imposed for its publication. 

And that is something hard for the client to accept and explain to the supplier. No matter how many proofs of concept you can do previously to validate the business model and that it falls within the compliance of Apple or Google, there is always a date that is the date of the final exam. 

And not approving it can lead to rework and ergo delay in the publication of the app. With which we move the end date once again.

And as we said, these can only be the main factors that can make us invest more or less time in app development, but like any project, the unforeseen factor is always lurking. 

The important thing is to have contingency plans to be able to find solutions during execution that do not delay the project.

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