How Can You Improve The Quality Of VOIP Calls?How Can You Improve The Quality Of VOIP Calls?

Changing the communication protocol entails several advantages for companies. The VoIP protocol is responsible for transmitting voice packets over the Internet. Therefore, the quality of VoIP calls will be determined by the elements that must intervene for this process to be carried out. Bandwidth, hardware, and software are part of this protocol.

How To Get Excellent-Quality Of VoIP Calls?

Having high-quality VoIP calls is essential for the message to be transmitted to be precise, clear, and without interruptions. This will influence the evaluation that the client will make of the customer service, being much more positive.

To achieve this, it is essential to take into account a series of tips that must be put into practice when hiring a cloud telephony service.

Increase Bandwidth And Internet Connection Speed

It is one of the factors that affect the quality of VoIP calls. This requires guaranteeing full bandwidth. 

Voice packets in VoIP calls must pass through several transmission points, such as routers and access points, so adequate bandwidth will make the transmission process free of interference. 

Reduce Network Load

If the network you use for your calls is shared with the browsing of your users, it will present a significant saturation, since this browsing will be negatively affecting the bandwidth and, therefore, the quality of the call.

It will be advisable to reduce the network load during peak hours. If at this time the quality of the voice decreases, but at other times the quality is acceptable, it will be enough to increase the contracted speed plan. However, this increase cannot always be allowed.

In this case, to reduce congestion during peak hours, it is necessary to shift tasks such as automatic updates or synchronization to other times, such as late at night or early in the morning. 

This will reduce congestion during prime time when calls are constant.

Assess The Network

To evaluate the network it is convenient to know certain terms:

1. Latency: the delay presented by the sender’s voice. Voice packets may travel over the public network and take longer to reach their destination. It does not affect the audio quality, but it does affect the query response. In this case, it is known as the stomp effect, in which the emitting audio reaches the receiver at completely irregular intervals.

2. Jitter: the sending of packets at non-constant intervals. In this case, it can be noticed when parts of the message are missing or there are silent lapses.

These two terms can cause what is known as packet loss. This occurs because the network discards them due to errors or delays. 

This is a characteristic phenomenon of Internet networks with unstable connections or poor bandwidth.

Evaluating the network will allow us to know if these parameters meet the required standards. 

The latency can be solved by improving the QoS configuration, which we will talk about next. However, Jitter will require the installation of specific jitter filters.

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Optimize QoS

Optimize QoS will prioritize voice packets as well as data packets. Each router will apply the FIFO methodology in the treatment of data and voice packets.

Without this configuration, there will likely be problems with the quality of VoIP calls. It is advisable to carry out adequate labeling of the packets so that they are taken into account and placed as a priority in the data queue.

Have A Good Hardware Team

Many VoIP service providers claim that you can use the current communication platform, just by attaching an adapter to their phones. 

It is a solution that allows you to save money when switching to VoIP systems, however, at times you may not have the desired call quality.

Therefore, it is recommended that, when changing the communication protocol, the equipment is also changed, as well as updated with specific VoIP devices or software and headsets for this purpose. 

If you want to keep your current physical PBX, consider our Nconnect Voice service, which connects your IP PBX to the cloud, greatly reducing communication costs.

Hire A Specialized Provider

Finally, you must have a service provider that guarantees the quality of your calls. 

If you need a cloud-based communication service provider with the best VoIP communication technology, NFON’s Cloudya will help you.

We have the precise, fast, and safe configuration of the entire market, with various options to hire depending on your needs, all with reliable, integrated, and safe operation!

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