In this article, we Learn about how to get free and real followers on Instagram. Since I opened my own Instagram account almost 10 years ago and started posting regularly on it, having a presence on this social network with my Marketing and Web brand has only satisfied me.

In fact, during this time I have achieved dozens of viral publications, and more than 20,000 followers, as well as having generated income thanks to this social network with the brand visibility it has given me.

That is why I wanted to write this article so that those who want to create their Instagram account and get many free followers on instagram more or less quickly, can achieve it thanks to these tips and tricks that I will tell you today.

In reality, there is no trick other than a job well done, but we will give you strategies so that you can get real followers on instagram as quickly as possible naturally. And of course, without having to pay.

Get Followers On Instagram By Applying Organic Methods

As I always say and advise my students, one of the best ways to succeed at something is to be yourself and act completely natural in everything you do.

And to get more followers on Instagram it was not going to be less. Therefore, I advise you to start by knowing how to control and manage the operation of this social network, and then focus on increasing your community and gaining a large number of followers.

Publish Content Periodically That Provides Value To Your Potential Followers

Just like you do on your blog or that of your business when you periodically generate content, publishing content that may interest or entertain your potential followers will undoubtedly help you get followers on Instagram.

But you must do this with strategy and in an orderly manner according to an editorial calendar, that is, a document where you specify what you are going to upload and on what date, so that it does not catch you by surprise and you have everything well planned.

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Create A Perfect Bio That Encourages People To Follow You

It is very common to find Instagram accounts with a poorly made biography. They are, for example, the typical ones in which they simply say something like “The official account of…”.

But that doesn’t say anything. Does not communicate. It gives no reason for them to follow you.

On the contrary, you should follow the following tips so that your Instagram bio encourages curious people to follow you for the first time:

  1. Present who you are or what you do. You can mention your name or profession. For example, we are a “Digital Marketing School”.
  2. Specify what they will get if they follow you. That is, the direct benefit they will obtain if they consume your publications. For example, it could be “Get more sales in your business thanks to the Internet.”
  3. Include a call to action and a hook. You can directly write that they follow you to achieve this goal, or add a link with a lead magnet, such as a free PDF, and thus get their emails by linking to a form on your website.
  4. Use line breaks and emoticons to make it prettier and easier to read.

Try Different Formats: Reels, Carousels, Stories…

On Instagram, you can not only upload photos to your normal wall, but other formats also have a place:

  1. Stories or stories. If they are useful or you feel that they can help generate community, we recommend that you pin them on your profile as Featured Stories. This way, instead of disappearing after 24 hours, they will remain linked under your profile biography. Additionally, you can organize them into categories depending on the type of content it is.
  2. Reels. It is Instagram’s short video format. This is an excellent opportunity to go viral, and if you discuss a topic of general interest and manage to engage the audience, you will achieve exponential growth.
  3. Carousels. Carousels are normal posts but they include more than one photo, so the user can swipe right or left to see everything. The idea of ​​the carousel is to make a kind of visual guide with several images.

Beyond this, we recommend that you keep an eye on the latest news on Instagram since sometimes they tend to try more formats (some with less success, such as followers on Instagram TV which ended up disappearing)

Conclusions Of Getting Followers On Instagram To Expand Your Community

Instagram is a highly recommended social network both for professionals who want to work on their brand and provide it with greater proximity to their audience, as well as companies and businesses that take advantage of the pull of what is probably one of the most popular social networks today.

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As a final touch to this guide of tips and tricks that I wanted to offer you to expand your list of followers on Instagram, I would like to finish by reminding you that, as in life, everything we take to the extreme is not highly recommended.

Therefore, above all, try to get followers as naturally as possible, and in no case do you resort to the method of buying followers on instagram.

The only thing you will achieve is to increase your Instagram account with fake followers or accounts without any activity or interaction.

If you are currently using one that I have not mentioned in this article, I would love for you to share it with me and the readers of my blog.

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