You Should Take Into Account When Decorate Your Home

Five Things You Should Take Into Account When Decorate Your Home


One tip is that you live in the house for a while before buying the furniture. This will allow you to explore the space and understand the layout before you start investing. Although it is not comfortable, you can get an idea of ​​what your home is like. Always remember to leave enough space to circulate.

1. How To Start?

You have already decided to decorate your home for the first time. The first thing you should choose is the style you want to have a base where you can start decorating. 

Choose neutral, bright, and light colors for the walls, this will create a background to which little by little you will be giving shape.

Strong colors are recommended to complement. You can choose two neutral tones as a base and a strong one that will give an attractive touch. 

The right thing about using strong colors as an addition is that if you get bored, it will not be so hard to change it.

Remember that warm tones are better for the room and entrance. While calm and comforting colors are conforming for the bedroom. In this case, the neoclassical style can help you decorate the room and your room in a more contemporary style.

2. Measure Your Home

Before purchasing any furniture, we recommend calculating all the spaces in your house. With the exact measurements, you will be able to find the perfect pieces that adapt to the structure of your home. 

When you are including the sofa, remember to measure the remaining area to have an idea of ​​what extra gadget you can include.

Always keep in mind the circulation room, in this way you will avoid buying items that interfere with the traffic of the home. This way you will avoid feeling claustrophobic in the house and overloading the scenery.

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3. How To Choose Furniture?

If you have no idea where to start, you can start with the living room because it is the most important position in the house. An interior decorator can help you with this design project. 

In addition, the living room is where you spend the most time, receiving your family and friends. To decorate the home, you should go little by little, thinking very well about the things you are going to buy to avoid future regrets.

The first piece of furniture in which you should invest for the living room is the sofa. Then little by little you add auxiliary furniture, textiles, ornaments, and decorative figures according to the theme you chose. 

Take things easy, it is not necessary to furnish the entire interior space in a single day. Ideally, you should buy things that convince you without rushing to create a suitable space for you.

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4. What Are You Looking For: Functionality Or Aesthetics?

No need for a professional technician or design professional. The key to interior design is always leaning toward functionality. 

Sometimes we get carried away by flashes and colors and end up buying things that are not useful at home. Worst? Then we don’t know where to put them.

The important thing when decorating is to look for comfort, that will make your life easier. When looking for parts for your home, the important item is to split functionality and aesthetics equally. Always leaning towards items that are aesthetically pleasing but also useful.

5. Important: Lighting

It is important to remember that the key to our decoration is lighting. We must pursue a balance between biological and artificial light. We must find a way to enhance natural light. 

One recommendation is not to cover the windows with heavy curtains, this will prevent access to natural light during the day and will darken the space.

If the forte of your home is the view, do not close the curtains. You can choose a fine fabric that matches the main shades you chose. 

You can also choose table lamps to decorate the environment, which will help you at night when you want a dim light to sit on the sofa and relax.

In conclusion, what will help you in this process is the patience to find the right ornaments for your home. 

It is not essential to buy everything brand new to rush to buy things that in the end, you will not find space for them. What is necessary is to choose items that are a reflection of your personality.


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