DIY Spring Wreath For The DoorDIY Spring Wreath For The Door

Decorating the door in December is already a permanent element of this time, so I thought it would be great to transfer this tradition to other seasons as well. And that’s how my first DIY spring wreath was created. 

Maybe it will serve you as inspiration. For me, nothing can be wasted, so I used the base and elements from a beautiful winter wreath.

DIY Spring Wreath For The Door

The wreath was supposed to be very natural. I’m drawn to those kinds of things. From the winter version, I left the round base and all the accessories: cones, cotton flowers, cinnamon sticks, and ribbon. 

I thought it might be possible to leave some greens, but unfortunately, it was already falling apart. 

The wreath hung in our living room until the beginning of March and as long as I didn’t move it, everything held up. But when I started working with it, the twigs started to break and fall.

To make a wreath you will need:

  1. round base – I used what I had. You can get Styrofoam bases in Pepco, but you can also “wrap” them from an old newspaper. This is the way I showed here on the blog;
  2. jute ribbon to wrap the base. If you use a lot of green plants, it won’t be necessary;
  3. jute string for hanging;
  4. accessories and decorations – I used cotton flowers from the winter wreath. I brought a few sprigs of conifer from the garden and a few more ordinary branches. In Pepco, I bought a set of artificial floral accessories for making wreaths. They look very artificial in themselves, but in combination with other elements, they complement the composition nicely. I bought bird’s nests with other decorations in mind, but in the end, they fit me perfectly here. Boxwood sprigs would look nice here, but I don’t have any yet. Maybe I’ll add more. Small flowers, catkins, or eggs will also suit.
  5. floristic wire to attach elements (I also had this one from a winter wreath – nothing goes to waste);
  6. hot glue for attaching ornaments.

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How To Make A Spring Wreath: 4 step

1. Wrap the base with a jute ribbon. I recommend starting with the string on which the wreath will hang and wrapping the base with a ribbon in such a way as to hide its fastening and leave the pendant alone. I pinned the ribbon with pins.

2. Then I started trying on the composition dry. Basic advice – high elements at the beginning, and then add smaller and smaller ones.

3. Here the same composition with one changed element. In the end, I decided on a bird’s nest. I attached the plants with wire and the socket with hot glue.

4. Finally, I tied the jute string so that I could hang the wreath on the outside door and it was ready.

I like this natural, minimalist effect and the fact that the wreath can be hung so that the decoration is either in the middle or on the side. 

What I like less is that when I was making it, it was a beautiful spring, and today we have 20 cm of snow. But maybe I’ll finally get this heat!

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