10 Amazing Benefits Of Implementing "Digitalization Of A Company"10 Amazing Benefits Of Implementing "Digitalization Of A Company"

Amazing Benefits Of Implementing Digitalization Of A Company

The digitalization of a company has gone from being an option to becoming a necessity in the current digital context. 

This process of change goes beyond incorporating technological tools into a company. It is a process of transformation and adaptation.

In this article, we explain what the digitalization of a company is, why it is important, and what tools can be used to carry out this process. 

What Is The Digitalization Of A Company?

There is often confusion when we talk about digitalization. It is frequently thought that we are referring only to the digitalization of company documents and files. 

This confusion comes from the English terms digitalization (the process of converting files and documents to digital bits) and Digitalization (the latter the one that corresponds to our term). 

Therefore, the digitalization of a company is the transformation of the processes of an organization based on technological tools. 

In this way, it is about directing various facets of the business toward the digital environment. It completely involves the business organization, so technology is used to interact with all people, external or internal to the company.

So, we understand that digitalizing a company is not just using specific software or having profiles on social networks. It requires a true business strategy that affects all areas of the company. 

However, this does not mean that you should have great resources to carry it out. Small businesses can also go digital, and we’ll show you how.

Why Digitalize A Company

Today, digitalization is a process of change that all companies must address to survive in this new digital environment. 

The benefits of digitalization can be summarized as:

  1. Save costs, as well as time and energy.
  2. Increase the digital presence of your company.
  3. Opening more channels of communication with your customers.
  4. Have data for decision-making
  5. Increased efficiency and productivity.
  6. More reasonable internal and external contact with the business
  7. Automation of manual tasks

What Does A Digitalization Plan For A Company Imply?

If you want to start the digitalization process of your company, you can take into account some basic aspects that will guide you in your transformation process.

  1. Design a global strategy. As we mentioned, the digitalization of a company cannot be limited to the incorporation of technology in isolated areas. Although this is the starting point, it must be conceived in terms of deep transformation, planning to reach all areas of the business.
  2. Transform the culture of your company. True business digitalization means making a change in the organizational culture, which reaches workers above all. It will be necessary to make an effort in training and communication that allows all members of the company to follow the same path of change.
  3. Pay attention to customers. Digital transformation must extend to the external sphere. Customers move more and more in digital environments. Therefore, the best way to meet the needs of your customers is to evaluate them. Thinking about both current and potential needs will help you plan good marketing strategies based on the use of technology.
  4. Redesign and improve processes. A deep and global approach, rethinking the bases of the processes, is also necessary for this transformation. Improving those processes with new forms of monetization and digital-based strategies will allow you to be more efficient and consistent. It is also important to be able to identify the factors that influence decision-making. 

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Tools To Digitalize Your Company

Many tools can help you organize your company digitally, after all, there are multiple ways to automate processes, both in production and in the organization. 

At Compare Software, we can recommend multiple software categories that will be useful for you to start digitalizing a company. Here are five basic categories:

1 | Tools for Organization and teamwork

Here we will name some basic organization tools that are used to work collaboratively. 

  1. Google Drive: This tool is widely known, but it is worth remembering. Its great value is that it offers office applications (office work) in the cloud: Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides
  2. Trello: Trello is a free online option (it also offers a Premium service) that allows you to organize and plan all your tasks. It is generally used in multi-person teams, where you can assign those tasks and add members to each of them. In addition, it allows you to have an overview of all the projects that you and your colleagues must dedicate to. It is also very useful when considering the deadline. 
  3. Expensify: When business trips are made, receipts are usually saved to later justify the expenses to the company. Well, in this case, it is also possible to automate the task. This tool in the cloud allows you to scan the receipts, write down the concept, and when you have executed the expense prepare the report that you will send to the company. You will avoid accumulating paper, and you will not have to be with the calculator in hand. 

2 | Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation software is a program that allows you to streamline marketing processes to attract new customers and create lasting relationships with current ones. 

You will be able to centralize all your marketing tools and data on the same platform to get the most out of them. 

Some software that falls under this category is Salesforce Marketing B2B and HubSpot Marketing.

3 | Sales Tools

Sales software is made up of several tools that help organizations build their sales muscle. It is important to note that sales software involves having a CRM that helps you capture and cultivate customer relationships. 

In addition to company resource management software (ERP), where you can manage both human resources and products. 

If your goal is to be a fully digital business, E-Commerce is what you need to keep track of products, sales, and customers.

4 | Tools for Human Resources

Human Resources software is aimed at optimizing the planning and personnel administration processes of an organization or company, with the integration of information through a modular system. 

Human Resource Management software is used to manage the processes of recruiting, evaluating, and training employees. 


Knowing what the digitalization of a company is a great first step to bet on the Management of Information Technology Services (ITSM Management). 

By digitalizing your company, you will be able to optimize processes, save costs and increase productivity. You will also be more competitive and efficient in an increasingly demanding context of direct customer relationships. 

In this sense, it is also important to know other key aspects, such as what IT is and what its uses are. These articles will help you internalize this world and make the most appropriate decisions to achieve the success of your business.  

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