Digital Transformation - What Is It And How To Carry It Out In The EnterpriseDigital Transformation - What Is It And How To Carry It Out In The Enterprise

Digital Transformation

Much is said about the challenges of business in today’s world. One of them is digital transformation. What is it and what to do to make it run smoothly? Read our article and find out what digital transformation is all about and how we can help you with it.

What Is Digital Transformation?

The digital transformation of the company is not only the process of introducing innovative and technologically advanced tools in the company but also changes. 

The way organization operates and is managed to improve its operation and increase efficiency, taking into account the constant development in the world of digital solutions. 

The pandemic has forced the introduction of rapid digitization of key business processes in many companies, starting the digital revolution among Polish enterprises.


What Areas Of The Company Can Be Affected By Digital Transformation?

Business management through the introduction of IT systems for production, warehouse, finance, and digital document flow management

Enterprise communication is understood as the introduction of tools for remote cooperation and electronic document flow, e.g., invoice circulation or remote contract circulation

Sales and customer service i.e., the use of modern customer services tools, such as chatbots or e-commerce platforms

Data analysis through the use of data collection and analysis tools, such as Business Intelligence and Big Data

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What Are The Benefits Of Digital Transformation For The Business?

Digital transformation brings many measurable benefits to the business, including:

1. Increasing Efficiency

The use of modern digital technologies makes it possible to automate many processes and reduce the number of errors, e.g., by introducing an electronic invoice circulation, the risk of errors in the data on issued invoices can be minimized.

2. Process Optimization

The unification of repetitive processes and activities and their automation allow for significant time savings resulting from the simplification or shortening of their course, e.g. the introduction of a digital document archive and repository. It is easy and quick access to documents for authorized persons.

3. Streamlining Communication

Remote collaboration tools and electronic document flow enable better communication and information exchange in the enterprise, e.g., the introduction of the possibility of collaboration on one document by a team working remotely, greatly facilitates communication and speeds up the process.

4. Increased Data Analysis Capabilities

Data collection and analysis tools allow for a better understanding of customer needs and market behavior, which may contribute to better tailoring the offer to the needs, as well as building a competitive advantage, e.g., by reaching target groups more effectively

5. Improving The Efficiency Of Customer Service

Tools such as chatbots or e-commerce platforms allow for faster and more effective customer service and the availability of products and services offered.

6. Acceleration Of Decision-Making Processes

Access to up-to-date and reliable data allows for faster decision-making and flexible response to changing market conditions, as well as a more accurate risk and business environment analysis.

7. Increasing Competitiveness And Adapting To The Market

The introduction of optimization and automation as part of modern technologies allows the company to develop more effectively and react faster, and as a result, better adapt to the changing needs of the market and increase its competitiveness.

8. Savings In The Company

Automating processes and reducing the number of errors gives real savings related to the reduction of production costs or customer service.

What Is Digital Transformation For Entrepreneurs?

According to the report of the EY consulting company “Digital Transformation of Companies 2020“, issued in March 2021, as many as three-quarters of business owners believe that digital transformation is a way to increase the efficiency of operations, and half see it as an opportunity for development and building a competitive advantage.

As already mentioned, the digital transformation of companies is a process that lasts and develops along with emerging needs or environmental conditions. 

When introducing digital solutions, the entrepreneur should take into account such product features as the scalability of systems and applications, as well as service and support guarantees.

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Digital Transformation Of Companies

Effective digital transformation of a company requires proper preparation for this process. Identify and minimize risks and find ways to overcome possible barriers. 

It is extremely important in this process to select the right tools and technologies, and then adapt them to the needs of the company. 

We must not forget about providing adequate support for employees so that they can skillfully and willingly use new tools.

Primesoft has been supporting companies in providing IT solutions and systems for 20 years. Available in the cloud infrastructure as well as in the On-Premises option, they support and optimize everyday processes in enterprises of various industries.

Why Is It Worth Using Primesoft Polska Services And Products During Digital Transformation?

Primesoft customers appreciate the ongoing support and advice throughout the entire period of cooperation. Which they receive in every area as part of the solutions provided, as well as the scalability and development of products that are adapted to the dynamically changing business and legal environment in their companies.

By introducing our solutions, customers can sleep peacefully because they meet the requirements for ensuring compliance as part of IT solutions.  

However, in connection with the imposed according to the EU Directive 2019/1937 regarding the soon-to-come-into-force act on whistleblowers, we offer a ready-made solution, available “on the spot” created under the requirements of the Legislator and suggestions of our clients – the Primesoft Polska Sygnalista application. 

You can read more about the legal requirements regarding Whistleblowers on our blog. Digital transformation of a company is not difficult with a trusted business partner.

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