Designer Hot Tubs For Interiors Of Course!Designer Hot Tubs For Interiors Of Course!

You have been wanting to have a hot tubs pool at home for a long time. But you don’t have a garden, or patio, or enough space, and you don’t want to do construction. In addition, you would prefer to have a pool that you can enjoy throughout the year, without worrying about the weather or the season of the year. Designer hot tubs for interiors? Of course! We tell you the advantages they have for you.

Advantages Of Having Hot Tubs Mini-Pool Inside Your Home

There is an alternative to the usual garden pool. Mini-pools are a trend that is on the rise, thanks to their multiple benefits. They can not only be placed in gardens or patios but even inside homes. In addition, its structure is fast and comfortable. Learn about some of the advantages of having hot tubs mini-pool inside the house.

1. Benefits for your health

Mini-pools not only offer the possibility of a bath to relieve the heat in summer. At any time of the year, they are a source of health benefits. Enjoying the hydro massage functions or simply the warm water will reduce stress, ailments fatigue, and even blood pressure, among other things.

In addition, in a mini pool, it is possible to practice aqua gym and stretching underwater, without having to leave the house.

2. Recreation and relaxation

Closely linked to the first of the advantages, is the possibility of having a mini-pool to rest, disconnect from work and routine, or simply hang out. Depending on the model and size, it is possible to share unforgettable moments with family and friends.

3. Less maintenance

For those who have lived the experience of having a swimming pool, it will be easy to understand that they require a maintenance process, especially if they are located in outdoor areas such as gardens. However, a mini pool installed inside the house will require minimal maintenance, since, unlike the first ones, it will receive less dirt and waste on the water.

4. Beauty and design for well-thought-out spaces

Hot tubs mini pool brings to your home a design that beautifies the space while optimizing it. As it does not occupy much surface, its installation harmonizes with the environment. It is possible to place them taking advantage of corners, funds, or central areas. Currently, there is a wide range of designs that manage to create magnificent environments.

5. Revaluation of your property

With the installation of hot tubs mini-pool, your home acquires a unique and elegant element that revalues ​​it, increasing its value in the real estate market. This is an exclusive and differentiating aspect that may have a positive impact on your valuation.

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6. Quick and easy installation

If you want to be the happy owner of a mini-pool, we recommend you opt for the option of high-end above-ground pools. These are prefabricated pools built about 50-60 centimeters above the surface of the ground or ground, which can be installed in very small spaces and without excavation. Therefore its installation is faster, easier, and without tangles. These offer models of mini-pools that can be pre-designed to suit the spaces.

Launches Designer Mini-Pools With Laghetto Pools

At Grupo Apelsa we distribute and assemble mini-pool models that only Piscine Laghetto can offer. Get to know the attractive and elegant designs and discover the innovative high-end above-ground pools of this Italian brand.

Mini-pool model Beach

With an integral external covering of synthetic fiber, intertwined by hand, on a painted aluminum frame, Playa is the extremely elegant mini-pool from the Piscines Laghetto brand.

Its most complete version includes a heater hydro massage and lighting functions, with buttons that can be activated from inside the mini-pool in complete safety. It can be optionally equipped with the Playa cushion and the Living cushions for greater comfort.

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Playa Twin Hot Tubs model

All the elegance of the Playa model is complemented by two exclusive matching sun loungers, with a reclining backrest and swivel legs. In addition to being designed for relaxation, they allow you to cover and close your mini-pool. It offers a design that does not go out of style in two colors, white and gray.

Mini-pool model Playa Living

Following the line of the previous models of mini-pools, Playa Living allows a highly customizable design in which both straight and reclining elements can be incorporated. Loungers and cushions facilitate the creation of an exclusive and refined modular environment, dedicated to relaxation and recreation.

This summer open hot tubs mini-pool inside your home. It is an investment that brings elegance, style, and multiple advantages to your lifestyle and that of your family.

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