CNC Machining - Advantages And DisadvantagesCNC Machining - Advantages And Disadvantages

CNC machining (Computerized Numerical Control) is used to create extremely precise elements made of metal, wood, or plastic. This type of material processing is carried out using special computer-controlled equipment. These include milling machines and lathes. What are the advantages of this explanation and does it contain any disadvantages?

Advantages Of CNC Machining

CNC machining has multiple advantages. Currently, it is the most current method that allows you to decrease costs and increase efficiency in manufacturing businesses. Its most important advantage is the high precision of the elements made, which is practically impossible to obtain in the case of manual processing. 

The fact that the entire process is carried out automatically using a properly programmed computer makes the projects repeatable and identical, which eliminates the risk of errors. Unfortunately, manual processing too often led to material wastage. It was also very difficult to obtain a dozen or so of the same elements in this way.

Thanks to the CNC machine, this is no longer a problem. This translates into savings in material and labor time. The method itself is very fast, which allows you to increase the efficiency and productivity of work. 

However, these are not all the advantages of this type of processing. It does not require additional finishing, as elements made using this method have high-quality edges.

Disadvantages Of CNC Machining

This method also has its drawbacks. CNC machine requires the development of a special project in CAD software. It also translates into quite high costs. They will certainly be higher compared to manual processing. 

In addition, it is not suitable for all materials, so it will not always be possible to use it. It should be remembered that the processing field is limited and coincides with the working field of the machine tool.

Is It Worth Using The CNC Machining Method?

Now that we know what advantages and disadvantages this method brings, it is worth considering whether its use will be profitable. 

Nevertheless, it seems that the benefits are much more, and the high costs can be compensated for by better efficiency and effectiveness, which also translates into higher profits. Undoubtedly, therefore, it is a cost-effective method that is good to use. 

Replaceable Heads Extrude Plastic And Enable CNC Machining

RS Components has introduced a new desktop multifunction 3D printer that offers three different modes of operation: Fused Filament 3D printing, CNC machining, and laser cutting and engraving. 

Buyers of the ZMorph VX device can count on professional print quality, reliability, and the ability to choose from many materials for production. It is a printer for engineers, designers, artists, and educators who deal with single projects, prototyping, or mass production.

The ZMorph VX is available as a basic 3D printing kit that can be upgraded at any time with additional interchangeable heads for extrusion, CNC machine, and laser engraving, and as a full kit that includes all heads and accessories.

The main printer module has a thick aluminum housing the electronic components, a flat borosilicate 3D print bed, a reinforced X-axis carriage, and an LCD touch screen. The fully automatic calibration system offers unprecedented ease of use.

The 3D printing kit includes a single 1.75mm extruder for plastics with a 0.3mm nozzle (other nozzle sizes are also available: 0.2mm and 0.4mm), a heated 3D print bed, a cooling fan and a kit starter kit with glue and PLA filament. 

A wide variety of other plastics can be used for 3D printing, including ABS and its derivatives, PVA, PET, ASA, nylon, high-performance polystyrene, TPU, and some thermochromic and flexible plastics.

Using the optional dual extruder head allows you to create models using two different materials. This allows, for example, to print of mechanical models with a high level of detail using a water-soluble support material or to place color images on 3D objects. 

During extrusion, the replaceable mixing nozzle (hot end) mixes materials of different colors in specific ratios, which allows for many color gradients and shades.

The CNC PRO head transforms the VX into a tabletop CNC machining and engraving machine that handles wood, polycarbonate, carbon fiber sheets, HDPE, acrylic glass, machine wax, modeling board, Dibond composites, PCB copper laminates, POM acetal, PVC foam. 

The 3D printing table can be replaced with a heavy-duty CNC aluminum work table with pre-drilled holes, which guarantees a flat, stable surface and easy clamping.

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