Closed Kitchen Or Open Kitchen Pros And ConsClosed Kitchen Or Open Kitchen Pros And Cons

How is a closed kitchen or open kitchen better? This is one of the most common questions when a client presents us with a project to reform or build their home.

There is no universal answer as to whether a closed kitchen or an open kitchen is better. The decision to open the kitchen or build it as an independent room will depend on many factors, but mainly on the preferences of each person.

Advantages Of Closed Kitchens

Closed kitchens have a series of advantages of great importance in the daily use of this space:

1. They prevent odors from spreading throughout the house. It is the best solution to prevent food odors from leaving the kitchen and impregnating the rest of the rooms.

2. They insulate from noise. Noise from the kitchen can be annoying, especially if there are people nearby studying, watching TV, or having a conversation in a normal tone. The closed kitchens prevent these noises from leaving this room.

3. Greater privacy. Closing the kitchen will prevent your visitors from directly seeing the kitchen if it is messy or you have just cooked and everything is full of dirty pots. If you are one of those who prefers to cook quietly, without distractions.

4. Independence of decoration. When the kitchen is private, it is easier to choose kitchen furniture and decorative style. Although the ideal is that there is a certain connection between the different areas, a separate kitchen does not have to adapt its style and decoration to that of other parts of the house.

The disadvantages of closed kitchens are that they become more socially isolated spaces, make table service difficult, reduce the feeling of spaciousness, and reduce the ability to take advantage of the light.

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Advantages Of Open Kitchens

Open kitchens offer important advantages, especially on an aesthetic level:

1. visual amplitude. Open kitchens are a great option for small kitchens since they provide a greater feeling of spaciousness. The rooms that seem larger are dividing walls.

2. Better ventilation. Ventilation improves in open kitchens, especially if there are no windows in either of the two rooms.

3. Facilitates communication. Open kitchens are more social rooms, which invite you to share with your guests.

The main disadvantage of open kitchens is the lack of insulation, both acoustic and odor.

Open Up The Space Or Connect It Visually

There is an option that makes it possible to isolate the kitchen from the living room and visually connect it.

When the kitchen is open without barriers, there are all the insulation problems that we have discussed. However, putting a glass window in the kitchen or a glass wall is a way to make the rooms come together visually, but remain separate in all other ways.

Installing a sliding glass door serves to connect the living room and dining room with the kitchen, and to able to separate them whenever necessary.

These options will help you make rooms look bigger and better lit.

Conclusion: Closed kitchen Or Open Kitchen

We hope we have helped you to be more clear about what type of kitchen to build. If your space is small, opening the kitchen visually will make the rooms appear larger and better lit. 

On the other hand, if the kitchen is large, this decision will depend on your tastes and the use that will be made in the kitchen and living room.

We design your custom glass separation, based on your tastes, your needs, and your budget.

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