Guide To Choosing The Perfect Bridal EarringsGuide To Choosing The Perfect Bridal Earrings

Choosing the best bridal earrings is vital in your day to day, but even more so if we are talking about such an important occasion as your wedding day! You have to take into account that they fit with the dress, with the style, with your hairstyle, and with the rest of the jewelry.

 There are many parameters to consider! Do not worry if you are a bit lost in this regard, because we know exactly how to help you. At Naithelo we are jewelry experts!

Bridal Earrings According To Dress

Let’s start with one of the most important points: the dress you have chosen. Because, after all, this will be the center of the entire look, and it is based on this that you should opt for some earrings or others. But how can we choose? It is easier than it seems, and with our advice, it will be even easier.

First of all, you must take into account the style of the dress. If this is very elaborate and has lace and many details, perhaps it would be interesting to bet on somewhat more discreet earrings. 

This way, you won’t overshadow the dress and you won’t take it into the background. But if you have chosen a simple dress, perhaps the earrings can provide that touch of glamor and extra sophistication that you need! 

By the way, stones and glitter are always a hit; You must see, yes, that they do not stand out too much and are elegant.

You should also take into account both the size and the length of the bridal earrings since these should be in line with the style of dress that you choose. Perhaps too-large bridal earrings with a look that calls for simplicity are not the most appropriate. 

In the same way, too-small bridal earrings will not be a good alternative if the dress is powerful. The key is to play with all the styling elements, leaving nothing behind.

Bridal Earrings According To Hairstyle

And now we are going to talk about hair, one of the most important considerations when choosing one earring or another. 

Imagine that you have chosen an elegant, timeless updo. In this case, there is nothing like complementing it with long but light earrings that hang without too much weight. 

It will be the touch of elegance that this hairstyle is asking for. The same happens if your hair is short and you intend to wear it loose: long bridal earrings will be your best bet!

However, if you wear your hair down, large earrings could end up bothering you. There it would be better to choose more discreet ones! 

And if we wear a semi-collected or a low bow? Easy: pearls, diamonds, and bridal earrings that stay glued to the face. Of course, good volume! So that they attract attention and take advantage of the void that the hair will leave. 

Along with the hairstyle, you should also see your physiognomy and what your neck is like. Although most likely you have already thought about this since it is usual for those people who have a long and thin neck to opt for up-dos to enhance this factor. 

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Bridal Earrings According To The Shape Of Your Face

                                    Bridal Earrings According To The Shape Of Your Face

Of course, the shape of the face matters, and a lot! Not only to choose jewelry but also hair and makeup. When you have a round face and you want to stylize it to the maximum, it is recommended to introduce bridal earrings that are long and very thin. 

In this case, we do not recommend introducing pearls or any type of stone that is too large. What we are looking for is that they are earrings with a lot of falls, and light, capable of refining our features in this way.

If the opposite happens, and you want to eliminate that feeling of an elongated face, it will be the short earrings that will become your greatest ally. And here you can introduce stones or gems, whatever you want.

Earrings According To The Style Of The Wedding

Along with all the parameters that we have already mentioned, you should also consider the wedding as a whole. If you have opted for a classic decoration, even vintage, you cannot now introduce earrings that are too modern because they will break with this aesthetic. 

For more traditional brides, there is nothing like stud earrings or drop earrings, embellished with pearls or brilliants. If you want to wear long, always choose ones that are thin and discreet, so they don’t draw too much attention. 

And if the wedding is more vintage? In that case, bet on gold, gemstones, and earrings in a big way. You will not regret it! In boho or more rustic weddings, aged silver will be your best friend. Of course, it is not a good idea to introduce stones in that specific case.

If you have opted for a modern ceremony, far from what is considered traditional, completely forget about pearls and bet on different jewels. And you can even introduce all kinds of colors! Even the most daring, like pink or blue. You mark the limits! 

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How To Choose The Color Of The Bridal Earrings To Match The Dress

We move on to our last tips, this time related to the color of the dress. The normal thing is that the wedding dresses are white, perhaps with champagne tones in some cases. 

If yours has a more intense color, do not steal the show and bet on simple jewelry: white gold or silver will be the best. And even gold can be a good alternative, depending on the color of your dress.

Have you opted for the purest white? In this case, it is best to combine it with silver or white gold, since they are shades that fit very well. In those dresses that are a little more toward champagne, you can play with gold. And even with rose gold! 


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