What Flowers To Choose For A Bridal Bouquet At A Warm Summer WeddingWhat Flowers To Choose For A Bridal Bouquet At A Warm Summer Wedding

Flowers There are so many varieties to choose from, that for your bridal bouquet, you can have whatever you want. But although there are many, not all resist the high temperatures of a hot summer. And this 2023, the summer that has not yet arrived, promises to be one of the warmest. So take note of the flowers that work best for your wedding bouquet to succeed. And stay cool throughout event hours.

Flowers For A Bridal Bouquet That Gets Married In Summer

Weddings are celebrated throughout the year. Some couples love autumn and others love summer. Those who want a cheerful and colorful wedding on hot days, well, choose the best bridal bouquet. But as we have said, taking into account the aspect that the flowers are in season. They are resistant to high temperatures. In exchange you can have one of the most beautiful bouquets, overflowing with total color.

And as if it were paid, there are also many delicious aromas given off by the summer flowers. There are many trends in bridal bouquets for this summer 2023. It is best to keep in mind that maximum naturalness continues to prevail. A simple bouquet, with several options of colorful and beautiful flowers. It matches the rest of the wedding decoration. And that it stays fresh for several hours.

Among the best flower options for your bouquet, you can choose between sunflowers, which continue to be a trend. And those that we already saw in many bridal bouquets from the previous year. An intense yellow that stands out and that you will not need more, because only with sunflowers you already make a beautiful bouquet.

What Flowers Will You Choose For Your Wedding Bouquet?

You can choose among the most varied flowers and for that reason, among a wide variety of colors. There are colors for all tastes, yellow, orange, pink, and even red. In summer wedding bouquets, all the color you want to wear is allowed.

One of the most popular varieties for spring-summer weddings is hydrangeas. They are a variety that grows in the form of a bushy small tree. There are several colors and you can make up with a couple of them, a perfect bouquet. In addition, they look good in the bouquet but also in the centerpieces. And even in the decoration of the church.

Flowers And More Flowers For The Most Beautiful Bouquets

If your wedding is in summer but you want a classic, totally white, traditional bridal bouquet. Well, you don’t have to look far, because white gardenias succeed. In addition, their appearance makes them very elegant and they have a most captivating fragrance. So with a few gardenias that also resist heat well, you will have a very beautiful bouquet.

Bouquets of softly scented geraniums with soft shades of pink can be combined with other flowers. They are perfect to use in wedding bouquets and also decorate the tables and the church. They are heat resistant and match many varieties of flowers and leaves.

This summer, petunias will return to the spotlight at weddings. Forgotten for some seasons, you can choose between various colors such as white, lilac, red, and blue. They are perfect for those long bridal bouquets that are very elegant. Being a summer flower, it resists any temperature well.

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Taking Care Of Your Bridal Bouquet On The Big Day

Choose any of these flowers that we have suggested, for their heat resistance. But because they are also very attractive and colorful. Choose your bouquet well in advance, so much the better if you entrust the preparation task to professional hands. 

The bouquet of natural flowers is assembled on the same day of the wedding. And it is usually kept at a cold temperature until the moment it will be used. It will be enough to place it inside a vase with water so that it does not suffer from the heat and is perfect for when the big moment arrives.

You can use a bouquet of natural flowers at a summer wedding. It is almost imperative because those weddings on terraces, gardens, and the beach require maximum naturalness. But that does not prevent that if you prefer a bouquet of artificial flowers you cannot have it. 

That must be of high quality to make it look elegant and natural. After all, this type of bouquet is usually chosen because the bride wants to keep it as a keepsake from her wedding. In this case, she chooses two bouquets to comply with the tradition of throwing them to single guests.

In addition, a well-chosen bouquet will look ideal because, on your big day, everything should be ideal. The bridal bouquet is a fundamental part of the bride’s appearance, as is the wedding dress. 

When you choose your bouquet, depending on the style you prefer, you must take into account the dress you have chosen for that unforgettable day…. And don’t forget, that in any season, the queen of flowers, the rose, will triumph in your wedding bouquet… but in summer in soft tones.

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