Car Racing Games PC Best Car Racing Games to Play on PCCar Racing Games PC Best Car Racing Games to Play on PC

You love the thrill of the open road and the roar of a powerful engine, but maybe you don’t have the means to get behind the wheel of a high-performance sports car in real life. No worries, you can experience the excitement of burning rubber and pushing a vehicle to its limits right from your car racing games pc

There are tons of amazing car racing games pc available for PC that will get your adrenaline pumping as you speed around tracks and courses, competing against other drivers or just trying to beat your own best time. 

From arcade-style racers with over-the-top physics and stunts to hardcore sims that recreate the experience of racing a real vehicle, there’s something for speed freaks of all kinds. So buckle up, because we’re going to take a look at some of the best car racing games pc you can play on your PC. Start your engines!

Forza Motorsport 7: The Ultimate Car Racing Games PC

Forza Motorsport 7 is the ultimate car racing games pc for computer. With over 700 cars and 200 tracks, this game will keep you busy for hours.

For starters, the graphics are stunning. The cars, tracks, and environments look incredibly realistic. 

You’ll feel like you’re really at world-famous tracks like Le Mans or the Nürburgring. The dynamic weather effects, like rain and snow, add extra challenge and excitement.

Driving physics is also the best in class. Each car handles differently, just like in real life. You can feel the difference between driving a nimble sports car, a heavy muscle car, or an open-wheel racer. Tune your car to suit your driving style for the best performance.

With so many tracks and cars to choose from, there’s endless replay value. You can recreate famous races from around the world or make up your championships. Play alone or go head-to-head with up to 24 players online.

Forza 7 has options for players of all skill levels. Turn on driving assists when you’re first starting, then gradually turn them off as your skills improve. Climb the ranks from rookie to pro through the game’s career mode.

Whether you’re a casual racer or a hardcore sim enthusiast, Forza Motorsport 7 is a must-have for any car racing games pc collection. With stunning graphics, authentic handling, and hundreds of cars and tracks to experience, you’ll keep coming back for more. Start your engines!

Assetto Corsa: Hyper-Realistic Car Racing Simulator

If you’re looking for an ultra-realistic driving simulator, Assetto Corsa is your game. This sim recreates the handling and performance of a huge selection of sports cars and race cars with incredible accuracy.

Once you get behind the wheel, you’ll immediately notice how responsive the controls are and how much feedback you get through the wheel and pedals. The physics are best-in-class, so you feel connected to the road. 

Assetto Corsa lets you experience what it’s like to put high-performance vehicles through their paces on legendary tracks like Nürburgring Nordschleife and Spa-Francorchamps.

The graphics are gorgeous too, especially if you have a high-end gaming PC. Everything from the 3D cockpits to the laser-scanned tracks is stunningly detailed. For the ultimate experience, you’ll want to use a racing wheel and pedal set, though a gamepad also works great.

With single-player modes, multiplayer, and modding support, there’s a ton of content to keep you racing for hours. Whether you’re a novice driver or a seasoned pro, Assetto Corsa is a must-have for any racing fan. If you’re looking for an authentic, challenging, and highly rewarding driving experience on PC, this is the sim for you. Start your engines!

Project CARS 2: One of The Best Car Racing Games PC Has To Offer

Realistic Driving Physics

Project CARS 2 is praised for its realistic driving physics that provides an authentic racing experience. The game models tire wear, fuel usage, and damage in detail. You’ll feel every bump and imperfection in the track through your virtual steering wheel.

The handling of each car is unique and takes practice to master, just like in real life. From drifting around corners to managing oversteer and understeer, you’ll need precision and skill to set record lap times.

Huge Car Roster

With over 170 cars from 30 manufacturers, Project CARS 2 gives you plenty of options to suit your tastes. Classic roadsters, modern supercars, open-wheel Formula racers – you name it, this game has it. Each vehicle has been meticulously recreated to capture its real-world counterpart’s appearance and performance. You can fine-tune gear ratios, suspension, and aerodynamics to customize your car.

Dynamic Weather

Project CARS 2 features a dynamic weather system that impacts driving conditions during races. As rain falls, puddles will form on the track, and visibility decreases. You’ll need to account for reduced grip and make adjustments to avoid hydroplaning. Weather can also change mid-race, keeping you on your toes. The realistic graphics showcase the beauty of sunsets and sunrises as you blaze by at 200 mph.

Challenging AI

For solo racers, Project CARS 2 offers AI drivers that put up a good fight. They actively defend positions, work together to box you in, and make mistakes that cause realistic crashes. Multiple difficulty levels allow you to start as a novice and work your way up to pro as your skills improve. You can also customize AI strength for specific areas like aggression, awareness, and mistake frequency.

Between its superb graphics, demanding physics, huge car roster, dynamic weather, and competitive AI, Project CARS 2 has cemented its place as one of the best car racing games pc. Strap in, start your engines, and get ready for an intense virtual racing experience!

DiRT Rally: Realistic Rally Car Racing Game

Realistic Driving Physics

DiRT Rally features realistic driving physics that provides an authentic rally driving experience. The handling of the cars feels weighty and grounded, responding accurately to your inputs. You’ll feel the difference in driving FR, MR, and 4WD cars as you navigate narrow dirt roads and slide on gravel.

Over 50 Rally Cars

DiRT Rally offers a wide selection of rally cars from the 60s to the modern day, including classics like the Lancia Stratos, Ford Escort Mk II, and Subaru Impreza. Each vehicle handles differently, so you’ll need to adapt your driving style to be competitive in the various vehicle classes. Tune your car to suit the stages for the best game performance.

Challenging Rally Stages

Race through over 70 challenging rally stages in locations from Wales to Greece, Argentina to Michigan. The stages feature narrow, winding dirt roads, cliff drops, jumps, and other obstacles that will test your rally driving skills. You’ll need to rely on your co-drivers pace notes to navigate the tricky courses at high speeds.

Realistic Damage

DiRT Rally features realistic mechanical and visual damage on the rally cars. Impacts, crashes, and rough driving over jumps and through corners will take their toll. You’ll need to balance speed and caution to get to the finish line with your car in one piece. Severe damage can end your race early, so precision and control are key.

Competitive Rally Modes

Take part in rally stages, championships, and online events to improve your skills and rank on the global leaderboards. Start in the lower divisions and work your way to the top, earning new vehicles and upgrades along the way. For extra challenges, try the Hillclimb events which feature steep mountain courses.

Overall, DiRT Rally is the premier rally simulation game for players seeking an authentic rally driving experience. With realistic physics, iconic rally cars, and challenging dirt roads, this game captures the thrill of rally racing. Strap in and get ready for an adrenaline-filled ride!

Need For Speed Heat: Open World Street Car Racing Game

Open World Map

Need for Speed Heat features an open-world map set in a fictional city called Palm City, inspired by Miami and the surrounding areas of Florida. You’re free to roam and explore the diverse neighborhoods, from the beachside boardwalk to the downtown city streets. 

Discover hidden collectibles, complete challenges, or just cruise around taking in the sights. The open world is seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, with no loading screens as you drive from area to area.

Thrilling Police Chases

In Need for Speed Heat, you have the option to take part in illegal nighttime street races where the real fun begins. As you race through the city at night, the police will chase you down trying to bust you for speeding and illegal street racing. 

Escape the cops by outmaneuvering them, hiding from sight, or damaging their vehicles. The police chase adds an extra layer of excitement and thrill to the street racing. By day, you’ll want to avoid the police and obey all traffic laws to avoid getting busted.

Customize Your Dream Car

One of the best parts of any Need for Speed game is customizing your car. You can customize many aspects of your vehicle from performance upgrades to cosmetic changes. Install spoilers, rims, decals, and body kits to create your perfect-looking sports car. 

Engine upgrades like turbochargers, brakes, and suspension will improve how your car handles and increase top speed. With so many options, you can build your dream car.

Need for Speed Heat provides hours of entertainment with its open-world map, intense police chase, and deep customization options. Street racing fans will love this latest installment in the popular franchise. The game is available for PC on Origin, as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Check it out for an exciting open-world racing experience.

The Best Car Racing Games PC

When it comes to car racing games pc, you’re spoiled for choice. Here are some of the best racing games available to play on your PC.

Forza Horizon 4

Set in a fictionalized version of Britain, Forza Horizon 4 lets you race through historic Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands, and the Lake District. With over 450 licensed cars and dynamic seasons that change the world every week, there’s almost endless content. Forza Horizon 4 is an open-world racing game focused on fun, with arcade-style handling and gameplay.

Assetto Corsa

For realistic racing, Assetto Corsa is one of the best. It features laser-scanned tracks from around the world, realistic physics, and a huge variety of road and race cars. Assetto Corsa is a hardcore racing simulator, so it does have a steep learning curve, but for realism, it can’t be beaten.

The modding community is also very active, so there are thousands of extra tracks and cars you can download for free.

DiRT Rally 2.0

If rally racing is your thing, DiRT Rally 2.0 is the game to get. It features official FIA World Rallycross championship tracks, cars, and drivers. DiRT Rally 2.0 is a challenging rally racing sim that requires practice to master. But for the thrill of power sliding through dirt and snow, it’s unmatched.

Project CARS 2

For variety, Project CARS 2 is a great choice. It features over 180 tracks and 140 cars ranging from karts to Formula 1. Project CARS 2 has a more sim-focused handling model but is still accessible to casual players.

It’s a comprehensive racing game that lets you compete in everything from club racing to the World Endurance Championship. With dynamic weather and time-of-day effects, no two races feel the same.

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So there you have it, some of the best car racing games pc currently available for computer. Whether you’re looking for realistic sims, arcade-style action, or something in between, this list has you covered. 

Now get out there and start your engines! Pick a game, hop into your favorite set of wheels, and burn some virtual rubber. The open road is calling. 

The thrill of the race awaits. And with so many great titles to choose from, you’ll be drifting, drafting, and dominating the track for hours on end. Game on!

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