Best moving companies play an extremely important role in the lives of millions of people. Everyone has to face the process of moving home at some point, whether due to becoming independent from parents, starting a new life as a couple, or simply changing their workplace, among other reasons. 

Therefore, it is important to have someone responsible for this work in a comprehensive manner; even more so when we talk about going to another city. But what makes an agency in this sector a high-level company? 

The routes followed have a lot to say in this matter and, therefore, we encourage you to turn to those experts who carry out efficient routes in all cases.

A long route done efficiently

The more efficient the route, the more accessible the budget will be. In this sense, the best moving companies in Barcelona Almeria know in detail all the possible roads and solve the task quickly. A journey is made up of up to 770 kilometers and that is generally done in a range of 8 to 9 hours by truck.

With this in mind, before hiring the best moving companies in question, make sure that they transport your belongings on the AP-7 (free highway for a few years) and the A-7. Likewise, you must keep in mind that trucker stops are mandatory. A moment that can be used to do shared moves, which will allow you to save large amounts of money in the process.

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Points Of Interest That You Should Consider Best Moving Companies


Shared removals are already a trend in the sector and, if your destination is Almería, Barcelona Castellon removals will be of great interest to you. After all, it is the first city in the Valencian Community to be located on the AP-7. Specifically 270 kilometers from the Catalan capital.

In this way, you can take advantage of one of the stops on the trip to leave another client’s belongings in Castellon. In terms of time, there will be practically no difference with taking the direct route to Almeria; However, the price is something else. If you share expenses with a third party, you will greatly reduce the budget to prevent your entry into the new home from becoming a financial sacrifice.


If we continue going down the AP-7, we will reach the capital of the Valencian Community. The reason why Barcelona Valencia removals are equally common is sharing the journey with other clients. Remember: the more of you there are on the same transport, the cheaper the total cost will be. Therefore, we encourage you to take this city into account when hiring the best moving companies.

One of the characteristics that will help you determine the professional quality of the transport team is whether they offer a free quote. If so, then don’t be afraid to ask how much it will cost based on the transit cities. To get to Almeria, there are many regions in which a considerable number of clients of these agencies focus.

Best Moving Companies In Barcelona-Alicante

We finish with the last province on the Valencian coast to talk about moving to Barcelona Alicante. Although it is indeed possible to do this route on the N-340, the most efficient is usually to carry it out on the AP-7. What does this mean? This is presented as another unloading point of goods for trucks that are on their way to Almeria.

As you can see, the best moving companies on the market know every detail of the Spanish road map. This allows them to study in depth all the possibilities so that their clients pay as little as possible, truckers make fewer trips, and, ultimately, fuel costs are limited. So we encourage you to go to those who have earned a prestigious position in the sector to start life on the right foot in your new home.

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