Advantages Of Having Travel Cancellation InsuranceAdvantages Of Having Travel Cancellation Insurance

Not everything that is planned for a trip materializes, the plane ticket, places to visit, lodging, food, or transportation can suffer unforeseen events and it is at that moment that the importance of acquiring insurance that recognizes the cancellation of trips is valued.

Just as insurance companies cover health problems, others such as travel cancellation insurance recognize unforeseen changes in plans. 

That is why it is important to delve into the cases in which money or expenses are reimbursed. 

Trip cancellation insurance consists of the acquisition of a policy to cover expenses in case of canceling or interrupting a trip. 

It will be possible to recover the total amount invested in the ticket if the client justifies why he canceled the trip, all under the specifications with which the product was purchased.  

Advantages Of Taking Out Trip Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation insurance represents an option in case of not traveling, so the coverage will depend on what the traveler wants to be recognized. Commonly the amount covers situations such as:

  1. Advance payment for a trip.
  2. The traveler finds himself in an unstable situation.
  3. Due to the illness of the insured or a direct family member. 
  4. If you planned the trip without knowing that you were pregnant. 
  5. Surgery, accidents, or diseases.
  6. Death of the insured or a direct family member.

Certainly, the purpose of these insurances is to protect the travel expenses that were interrupted. 

However, the actions will be decided depending on the trip cancellation insurance plan that was paid for.

Some plans apply to travel cancellation insurance, also in case the traveler has been denied a visa, due to natural catastrophes or attacks or loss of identity documents 

Ideally, the insured should notify the inconvenience of trip cancellation immediately, the closer to the trip, the longer it will take to respond, the cancellation costs will increase and the refund will be less. 

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Types Of Trip Cancellation Insurance

This sector handles two types of trip cancellation insurance that it is important to differentiate:

  1. Insurance with cancellation: where the insured has been able to notify the cancellation of the trip that has not yet started.
  2. And insurance with Travel Assistance and Cancellation: this allows cancellation, and includes travel support coverage that includes medical expenses, loss or theft of luggage, delayed departure resulting from missed connection, accidents during the trip, transfers due to illness or death, and civil liability, among others.

Purchase And Coverage 

Trip cancellation insurance is purchased with the ticket and can be done from an online or physical agency. The expenses that this cancellation can cover are: 

  1. Lodging: the expenses related to the stay of the traveler.
  2. Meal: the cost assumed by the insurance that covers the cancellation of the meal.
  3. Transport: the expense related to the mobility of the traveler.

What You Should Have Travel Insurance

Before choosing travel insurance, the main thing is to seek advice from specialists in the subject of underwriting travel cancellation insurance. 

For this negotiation it is important that at least these points are clear: 

Medical Coverage

Mainly, the information on the medical coverage contract must be received. This care must be broad and have a network of providers in various parts of the world. 

Another relevant requirement at this point is that the insurance provides care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to facilitating the way to communicate in case they speak another language. 

Early Return And Repatriation 

Of course, you must have immediate coverage in the cases that you have to return or repatriate after illness or death.


Many circumstances lead to the cancellation of trips, so if it is already a decision to buy travel cancellation insurance, then contract with those who offer you the guarantee for the reimbursement of expenses, depending on the most common case according to your trips. 

In addition, it is good to contract insurance with responsible people who attend to problems and offer telephone service every day and at any time.

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