5 Reasons Why You Want Advertising Banners That You Did Not Know5 Reasons Why You Want Advertising Banners That You Did Not Know

Advertising banners is something inevitable that every company or organization, be it goods, services, or non-profit, should seriously consider. Currently, digital marketing is very fashionable. However, the traditional modalities of projecting businesses or institutions continue to be a very successful way of publicizing a brand or idea.

Within this last concept are the advertising banners that, thanks to the new technologies applied to graphic design and printing, can be truly impressive and made with synthetic covers that make them resistant, durable, and do not fade.

5 Advantages Of Using Advertising Banners

1. Huge Notoriety

Advertising banners can measure up to 20 meters by 20 meters. They can be covered with them on building facades or hung along an entire street without any problems.

It is the most effective way to make high-profile advertising in large cities, where competition to capture the public’s attention is the order of the day.

All kinds of images, photos, texts, or messages in large formats are striking and there is no better way to do it than on a banner.

It is the most viable alternative for temporary campaigns, for events such as marathons, fairs, concerts, book exhibitions, wines, cheeses, hams, and the like.

No design cannot be reflected in an advertising banner that generates interest and great awareness of an event or brand.

2. Good Market Segmentation

This type of advertising is the best for companies that offer various products or services for different audiences. 

Advertising banners can be placed in the streets, part of the city, or the most suitable specific sites depending on the message and the user you want to reach.

In this sense and to give an example, an advertising banner can be installed at the entrance of a shopping center where young people visit regularly to announce new video game devices.

An advertising banner can also be installed in an industrial sector if items such as valves, lubricants, refrigerants, or items used by factories or manufacturing, mechanical, refrigeration, or metallurgical companies are being promoted. In this way, it is easy to reach the target audience.

3. Creative Designs

With advertising banners, unique and spectacular creativity may be born. Large-scale graphic design professionals can excel when planning and printing this type of advertising.

This is based on the fact that you can work on various supports of very large dimensions. In this sense, the possibilities in terms of designs, colors, photographs, texts, and a combination of written and graphic elements are endless.

4. Strength And Durability

Thanks to the high-quality substrate materials used today in the manufacture and printing of advertising banners, high durability, and high resistance are guaranteed.

This is so, even if they are installed outdoors and in the open. Thanks to the covers of the canvases, the printing that fuses the ink with waterproof and protective films can withstand the various temperatures throughout the year and the harshest weather elements, whether hot or cold.

In this way, they may remain in the same place for a long time. This maximizes advertising investment and increases the impact on the general or target audience.

5. Personalization To The Maximum

The banners that can be made today are not even a shadow of what they were just a few years ago.

Very versatile designs are now available and maximum customization is possible. That is why they can be used, for example, for campaigns limited in time for offers, launches, or promotions.

You can add the logo of a company or institution, photos, texts, images, diagrams, and everything necessary to meet a specific objective within a program or advertising plan.

Also, although it is called “canvas” they are not necessarily made of this fabric. There are many materials, designs, and dimensions and these are taken into account when choosing the places to install them.

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Types Of Advertising Banners

Backlit Canvas

It also receives the name transparent or translucent canvas. This type of advertising canvas is manufactured to receive lighting on its back. Its fabric allows light to filter evenly. 

In this way, it is very striking and allows advertising in interior spaces or interior decoration in stands, shops, and on the street at night.

Block Out Canvas

This is the advertising banner which is called double-sided because it can be printed on the front and back equally. It is completely opaque and does not allow the passage of light. 

It is ideal to suspend it in avenues or streets since drivers and pedestrians will be able to see it from any direction.

Front-Lit Canvas

The front canvas is a single base color. They are usually white and have a glossy finish. 

It is one of the most used and common advertising banners because they are usually cheap, resistant, with impeccable finishes in terms of design and color printing, and of very high quality. 

It is perfect when front lighting is required. They can be used indoors and outdoors for all kinds of advertising purposes.

Reticulated Canvas Or Mesh

The reticulated or mesh canvases are those that come with micro-perforations and are the most suitable for places exposed to the wind since they do not offer resistance and there is no risk that they will detach with the force of the air. 

This is because it has tiny holes that allow the wind to pass through, but that is small enough not to interfere with the graphic design, colors, and photos.

Fluorescent Canvas

It is made with fluorescent fabrics or paints that “capture” the light and when it is turned off they glow in the dark. They are the best for night advertising in shopping centers, streets, discos, and any place where a message needs to be reflected at night.

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